Independent People. Why students should live separately from their parents and where to get the money for it

Living with your parents solves many problems. You don’t have to cook or spend a lot of money on groceries. Mom will always make sure there are no rodents in the room because of under-eaten sandwiches and stumps. It’s easier to get up for the morning lecture, too, when the whole family is going to work in the morning. In general, parents will always provide a comfortable routine. 

However, there comes a time when you have to leave the parental nest. Sometimes it is a forced situation: you entered the university in another city (or even country) and start an independent life. But some students are lucky and do not need to move to study. How to be in such a situation and whether you can live with your mom and dad until your deep gray hair, of course, is up to you to decide. But we think that the experience of independent life is important for everyone. The earlier you learn how to provide for your own life and create comfort, the better your chances of success in adulthood. 

And, of course, by living alone you get more chances to take most of your college years, including the parties and amazing trips with your peers. You will even need to hire qualified paper writers at Writingapaper in order to keep your life under control and make sure you have time for everything.


The Benefits of Independent Living

Let’s picture the benefits of independent living:

  1. You will learn how to run a household, which is a basic skill for any adult. If for the first time you have to pay the utilities at the age of 30, believe me, there will be nothing to be proud of.
  2. You will become more independent. Parents will be proud, and you will respect yourself.
  3. It will be easier to adapt to changing conditions. High school years – it’s not the same as the college years. Graduating from high school, you say goodbye to childhood, for many it is great stress. By continuing to live with your parents, you will entertain the illusion that nothing has changed… And it has not.
  4. You’ll be able to get on with your personal life. Yes, you’re all adults, so privacy is important. Every time to ask your mother’s permission to invite the object of admiration is somehow unseemly. 
  5. Learn to save money and plan your budget. Even if your parents will help with money, living separately, you will begin to control costs and learn how to allocate finances more wisely. 


What kind of difficulties will you have to face?

Let’s be fair: independent living has its pitfalls. 

  1. Many people have to look for a part-time job or even a full-time job to pay for housing. It takes a lot of time, so you might need to find on reddit essay writing service if you want to leave yourself some time to relax. 
  2. You may not immediately be able to afford the comfort you’re used to at home with your parents.
  3. You may have to share a place with a neighbor or neighbors and consider their interests. 
  4. Money will be scarce! You will have to save money.
  5. You will have to cook for yourself. Every day dragging containers of soup and meatballs from your mother will not work.
  6. You should be prepared to earn money for housing. If you plan to start an independent life on the money earned by the hard work of your parents, it is better not to start. If they can help, that’s great, but it’s a shame to pull the last strength out of your mother, who is already working two jobs. Be prepared to find your source of income and combine it with your studies. 


Each of these “minuses” is actually a big plus, which in the future will allow you to form an independent, responsible and successful person. 

Many students live in a dormitory. Each college has its facilities and conditions, so we advise you to go to the dean’s office, find out all the details and apply. 

Life in the dormitory can be difficult and not as fun as shown in movies and TV series. For example, you may have bad luck with neighbors. In addition, you will have to comply with the rules of internal order: guests until 23.00, compliance with fire safety rules, keeping things in order in the room, duty, mandatory voluntary Saturday work, etc. But most students who have gone through this school of life, years later admit that they are grateful for the experience. And there is always an opportunity to move to an apartment if it gets unbearable. 


Where can you get money for an apartment?

You have at least a few options: find a temporary part-time job or get a part-time/permanent job. Check with the university to see if officially working students can arrange for free attendance at lectures. If absences are strict, try registering at an online author exchange or finding a part-time, remote job. You can look for jobs in the field of Internet technology: copywriter, SMM manager, website tech support employee, sales manager, etc.

If you are an honors student or just good at any subject, consider tutoring. You can teach online – that way less time will be spent on classes. 

Consider the classic student part-time jobs – waiter, courier, administrator, promoter, sales consultant, barista. 

The main rule is to estimate your possibilities adequately so that your part-time job doesn’t cost you retakes or even exclusion for the absences.

We wish you overcome all obstacles and find your dream apartment that you’ll always want to come back to… And that you can make money for yourself!

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