Innovative Inventions for Audio Visual Meeting and Training Rooms

Innovative Inventions for Audio Visual Meeting and Training Rooms

Virtual meetings, conferences and training are the new step that the world is taking in the way of communicating, as well as in the way of strengthening relationships, whether personal, work and/or social.

This type of communication depends on three factors: network connection, audio and video.

These three elements together and with their correct use, represent the ideal communication, since people can be seen and heard immediately. However, the video is the component that has had the most problems in the various applications and this is due to various factors such as:

  • Camera signal processing.
  • Compression of video quality by communication platforms.
  • Low image opening for spaces where there are more than two people in the space.

New range of cameras for meetings and conferences

That said, the StriveAV brand, under its philosophy of constantly thinking about the user, presents its range of PTZ-IP conference cameras for training room audio visual systems. This device is part of the components of the Q-SYS platform and ecosystem, which is integrated through the Q-SYS bridging peripherals.The Q-SYS USB input and output bridge or directly on the CORE processors, to be a great complement in the sector of small and medium-sized conference service rooms.

Its resolution is at the forefront of the moment, obtaining a high definition of up to 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second.For its part, the rotation controls available to the user, grant both complete coverage of the space, as well as the privacy of the room in case it is required.In addition to being able to automate the device so that it recognizes the microphones in the room and focuses on the person who is speaking, among other provisions.

Wide shot of vision mixing panel in a television gallery.

The automatic exposure, focus and white balance modes allow the user to have no worries in his videoconference, since the same system is in charge of optimizing the best image result.Finally, this device has a wall bracket, which facilitates its installation, preventing it from disturbing the activities carried out within the conference. The added value of this product is that it is certified by communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet; thus being a seal of quality for those companies that use these elements.

A Company Dedicated To the Integration of Technology

At StriveAV, we are dedicated to everything related to the world of image, sound, home automation and system integration. The experience of our team, consolidated with more than 10 years, and the satisfaction of our clients have positioned us as one of the most reliable and serious companies in the market.We specialize in the design, execution and maintenance of all types of facilities, both private, professional and corporate.

StriveAV offers its clients personalized attention, which will allow them to adapt any project to their needs, in addition to expanding or improving the installation they already have.We are a company with a highly qualified human team and, above all, we differentiate ourselves by the after-sales service we offer.

Audiovisual Automation Systems for Companies

Audiovisual automation systems for companies help achieve an effective work environment, which improves the company’s internal and external communication, eliminating costs associated with business trips or unnecessary transfers.

How can you recognize if you need our audiovisual automation systems for companies?

By admitting that you have asked yourself at least two of the following questions, it means that you have considered the implementation of automation systems for companies provided by ULTIMATE TECHNOLOGY, and thereby reduce unnecessary travel costs, using video conferencing suites or solutions of real-time communication inside and outside their offices.

  • Do your meeting rooms where decisions are made, agreements are signed and important advances arise, do they not have an audio and video system that allows real-time interaction with company personnel located in other rooms, other locations or abroad? ?
  • Is the current audiovisual system not capable of allowing collaboration between small work groups using audio, video and interactive screens?
  • The screens and monitors of the company do not have the appropriate resolution and the technology that allows transmitting important messages and content for your staff?
  • Are your meeting rooms not designed for corporate applications that allow interaction with staff who are not in the same workspace?
  • Can you easily control all your video conferencing devices from a single, easy-to-use interface?

Why the audiovisual automation systems are for companies provided by ULTIMATE TECHNOLOGY the right one for your project?

Audiovisual systems for the corporate sector have revolutionized the way business communications take place. Today more than ever, work teams work more and better remotely. In addition, the implementation of this solution is necessary because:


More than ever before, communication and cooperation are becoming increasingly digital. To take advantage of the addition of visual communication to the typical aural experience of phone conversations, an increasing number of people are using video calls. There are a range of AV options to boost communication and collaboration, whether you’re working on a project with your team in an A/V meeting room or conducting a conference call with management utilizing Zoom Rooms.


Audio-visual technology in conference rooms are assisting businesses in running more effective meetings. When presenting to customers in a fully integrated conference room with built-in cameras, microphones, and speakers, you can see the business. The use of smart whiteboard technology has made it easier than ever to share ideas with your team. Whether they’re there or not, large-format displays and shared virtual desktops ensure that no one misses critical information.


It is a term used to describe a technology that is intuitive in nature.

With the latest wireless presentation systems, it’s as simple as clicking a button to set up, connect, and present. Unsightly cables and trip hazards are no longer an issue thanks to wireless technology. Wireless presentation systems are very simple to integrate into existing spaces from an integration viewpoint.


The audiovisual installation is a strategic method to save operating costs and time. Visual aids are very important to an HR manager, especially when presenting large content. Photos, videos, diagrams, and charts often communicate information quickly, allowing employees to handle other business needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or budget, with StriveAV, you will not feel disappointed.

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