Internet of Things: The Various Aspects You Need to Know

Internet of Things: The Various Aspects You Need to Know

With the advancement in technology and unbelievable innovations coming up, people are getting more used to an automated lifestyle. Be it the various devices in the house. You are even able to control all of them just with the help of your mobile phone. All these are the exclusive features offered by the internet of things or IoT.

Definition of Internet of Things or Iot

The interconnected network of ‘things’ or physical objects that are embedded with softwares, sensors and other similar technologies that is utilised mainly for the purpose of exchanging and connecting data over the internet with other systems and devices. As the various technologies, embedded systems, machine learning, real-time analytics and commodity sensors have converged, things too have evolved. The traditional fields of wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, automation (that includes both building and home automation) and control systems have all contributed in enabling the innovative technology of the Internet of things.

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Examples of Iot Devices

It is to be noted that not all devices that can be connected are IoT-connected devices but, in contrast, all IoT-connected devices have to be devices that can be connected. Also, the Internet Protocol (IP), mostly IPv6, is being used in the Internet of Things. Hence we refer to things or devices IoT connected only when they have a unique address with a Uniform Resource Identifier or IP address.

Characteristics of IoT

  1. Things: The devices or things that can be connected with the internet can be used for this technology. Be it tagged livestock, household appliances or sensors, any device that has a sensing material or sensor connected to it, can be attached to the items and devices.
  2. Communication: the devices are being connected so that data can be analysed and exchanged over short, long to very long distances. Example: Wi-Fi.
  3. Action: The action is the result of intelligence. These can be the phenomenon action or the manual action.
  4. Connectivity: There needs to be any type of connectivity between various levels in this technology. The sensors being connected to various hardware devices, or control systems or electronics, there has to be a connection for the Internet of things.
  5. Data: Data is what joins the various elements together in the IoT, the beginning step towards intelligence and action.
  6. Intelligence: The intelligence feature is seen in the sensing capability and the intelligence which is used by the IoT to exchange and analyse big data.
  7. Ecosystem: Viewing from the point of view of other innovative technologies, goals, communities and the scenario in which the IoT is best fitted, all together is the ecosystem.

Consumer Iot Definition (Ciot)

The internet of things that is being used for customer-oriented services and customer applications. Generally, in consumer IoT, the needs for data communication and the data volumes are limited and hence low. This is the reason why there are some technologies which are specially designed for consumer home-based products for the smart-home connectivity devices and also for smart wearables.

The Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT

The interconnected network of devices, instruments and sensors paired together with the industrial application of the computers that includes energy and manufacturing management. It basically refers to the use of this technology in the typical industrial usage for various sectors. Not only for the heavy industries like manufacturing, but it is also used for smart metering and smart cases.

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