IPhone 13 Pro in 2022? Review

IPhone 13 Pro

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro is the smartphone launched by the company six months ago. The latest one is the 13 Pro Max. But is it still a good investment? Let us see.

Apple has sold 40 million smartphones of 13 series. It shows how renowned the brand is. If we talk about the 13 Pro, it is identical to the 13 Pro Max, but the company always tries to get consumer’s divert to a large ecosystem. Instead of buying the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, get the latest iPhone 13 Pro case, as they have nearly similar specs, and the 14 generations will be released soon. Then why get a newbie?

The best thing about Apple smartphones is that users don’t have to upgrade the phone for two-three years. The latest iPhones stay good for even five years. So, this makes it a good investment in older versions too. They are low priced and provide great specs. So, let’s see how well it is to hold on to iPhone 13 Pro for the next few years.

What We Like-


The looks of Apple’s phone are unmatched. The company endeavors to be its best version with every new generation. Despite its launch several months ago, the 13 Pro still looks sleek and stylish.

It has a revolutionary design with sharp lines and muted colors inspired by sheer elegance. If you look at iPhone 13 Pro review, you will know that users are praising this model for its looks and performance. And you can ditch pricey phones over this one.

It features a 6.1inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate that is great for everyday multitasking and heavy usage. It is even great for gamers as it offers an ergonomic mass estate.


Apple’s chipset upgradation with the upcoming generation is top-notch. The 13 series features an Apple A15 Bionic chipset that surpasses every Android device chipset. Even with heavy usage and HD gaming, the phone is buttery-smooth while scrolling. A benefit of silky-smooth performance is the longevity it provides. Flagship phones are expensive but are functional many years after their launch. That is worth it!

Battery Life-

Phone performance is incomplete without long-lasting battery life. And here, the 13 Pro lives to the expectation. It has an incredible battery life that stays almost two days in medium usage. The frugal standby battery drain is a stunning specification phone offers you. It preserves the battery when you are sleeping and playing HD games. The battery optimization is much better than many alternative devices.


The camera of the Pro is superb. It lets you look through different lenses. But it is still not the best as you get in Samsung Ultra S22. It does not have litany nor features a 108MP super crisp camera. But what matters the most is the captured images.

The result offers realistic colors and warm images that balance the overall picture quality. It turns night images into day shots with perfect clicks. It prefers grain-like film in today’s time when many smartphones feature digital noise reduction. Various lenses maintain a balanced color scheme. You can trust this camera for great shots.

What we did not Like-

Charging Speed-

From here begins the not-so-good segment. The first thing that pinches in the 13 Pro is the charging speed. It comes with a Lightning connector, but charges too slow irritate when you pay such a hefty amount.

Here, you get a 23-watt charger that is okayish. With MagSafe, you get a 7.5W charger. In 2022, we are getting 100w chargers with many brands, and still, iPhone 13 generation sticks to such a sloth.


Apple’s operating system is great unless you talk about poor notification management. It needs to be a reboot. It excels in a few segments but here, it disappoints you. There are too many steps to clear out every app. The widget is good, but the home screen and app drawer are cluttered.

Face ID-

With the pandemic, we understood the importance of fingerprint sensors. However, Apple has implemented face unlock with a mask on in 2022, yet it is late and not perfect. Still, there are many attempts to get it unlocked. Even if you wear sunglasses, this issue occurs.

A return to Touch ID is a good move Apple should consider in its 14th-generation phones. It is not that we don’t like Face ID, but with the mask, it is tough.

Final Verdict-

Whatever the lags are still, it is better than many smartphones of the same range available in the market when compared. Most smartphones use it as a benchmark. A silky smooth experience is provided by the hardware and software. It is also important to consider the overall design and display of the device. It won’t be wrong to say that even after months of its launch, it is still a good purchase.

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