Is It Necessary For You To Have A Content Planner?

Content Planner

The question is rather thought-provoking. The safest answer might be that “it depends”; It depends on the type of person the content creator or the client is. Being organized is of course, healthy and good, however, it might not be the case for everyone out there. Few may like to be rather spontaneous with their content instead of planning it for weeks ahead. There might also be people who would track their uploads and plan their future events and goals. No matter what, content planner are highly advisable to keep track of our work to avoid repetitive content and missing uploads.

Why are content planners necessary?

Most parts of the content creator society of social media have a life outside social media. It is completely normal during our hectic schedules to miss or forget to upload and shoot content. Planners have always proved themselves to be resourceful. They remind us about our schedule and goals. Moreover, they act as a storehouse for ideas. We aren’t robots to have gifted memories of non-forgetfulness. Most of the time, our ideas are random and spontaneous and more likely to be forgotten. In such cases, writing down our ideas as plans, save us thinking time and help us remember our ideas.

How do they help?

They help us gain an upper hand over ourselves. Being organized makes us feel that everything is under our control. It helps us reduce our stress and anxiety about our progress. Writing down our tasks and ideas in a content planner or calendar motivates us to complete our tasks and achieve our goals. Bloggers may find content calendar highly useful as they can plan their next trips and places they wish to visit. They may come in handy when planning huge trips here pre-made reservations of travel tickets and hotel stays are required.

How do we maintain them?

Starting a planner is always an easy job but, maintaining it is the difficult part. We can make them more interesting with a few DIY additions. We can add,

  • Photographs
  • Polaroids
  • Stickers
  • Drawing doodles
  • Motivational quotes
  • Old sayings
  • Impressions and stamps
  • Emotional chart or graph
  • View on our day

All these additions can make our planners memorable and prettier. It resembles our journey through our days. It acts as a storage, a pen pal, an advisor, and most definitely an organizer. It assists us in keeping track of our progress.

Types of content planners

There are many types of content planners, but the most common are activity, mission, and vision. These types of plans help you to create a roadmap for your blog, which will help you determine what topics to write about and when.

Activity planners help you to determine what type of content your blog should have. You can use an activity planner to figure out what topics your readers are interested in, and then write about those topics.

Mission planners help you to figure out what your blog’spurpose is. You can use a mission planner to figure out what topics you want to write about and why, and then find sources that support your goals.

Vision planners help you to figure out where you want your blogto go. You can use a vision planner to figure out what topics you want to write about and how they will fit into your overall blogging goals.

Where can we buy them?

We can find them in local bookstores or convenience stores. However, there are a variety of planners and shot-hand desk calendars available online for reasonable prices with discounts. We can also buy customized planners that will be designed according to our tastes and interests. DIY planners can also be made by looking up tips and techniques on the internet. They help us boost our creative thinking and motivation to complete our tasks. They improve our productivity and output. Overall, content planner and content calendar are extremely useful for creators.


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