Is it safe to bike in the rain?

Riding through the raindrops in the pouring rain,going forward, the wheel hub rolled over the puddle, causing thousands of waves, all left behind by yourself? Rainy days are not an obstacle for real cyclists, but a motivation to close the door and put on a poncho to find excitement. People scurrying by the roadside, looking for eaves or rushing to the subway station,at this time, the rest of the world is empty, only belongs to us cyclists!

As a person who likes to ride my Himiway fat tire electric bike on rainy days, my suggestion is not only to have outstanding courage, but also to have rich experience to avoid any danger. The purpose of writing this article is to put my experience on paper and share it with more people, so as to have a safe and exciting riding experience together!

What if you scoff at this thrill seeking method but have to ride in the rain? Cannot grab a taxi, walking back home is too far and your boyfriend happens to be in another city, then ride an electric bicycle! In fact, this article is for everyone!

Please keep in mind the following ten points. It’s better to read them again every time it rains and do it strictly according to every step!

1. Weatherproof  Yourself and Your Stuff

Don’t get wet like a drowning dog when you enter your comfortable home. The expensive sofa you bought last month doesn’t belong to the after-sales part of riding in rainy days! Protect yourself and your e-bike, wear a helmet, waterproof gloves, put on a raincoat and rain shoes, just like your mother did to you when you went to school on a rainy day when you were a child. If you have a computer or files in your bag, they you also need a raincoat for bag! I recommend himiway’s waterproof backpack, which can protect itself in all directions, and the waterproof performance is impeccable!

When a soldier wears armor, that’s when he should go to the battlefield!

2. Use Ebike Lights and Reflectors

The visibility on rainy days is so low that we all become a thousand degree high myopia. We need to improve the visibility as high as possible. There must be enough lighting to ensure that the vision is not affected. Press the front lights, rear lights and reflectors on your e-bike. It’s as cool as Odin driving sprenier. 

3. Brake Early

The wet and slippery ground in rainy days will make our braking system less sensitive than before, so we must firmly keep in mind and braking ahead of time, reserve more than twice the braking distance at ordinary times, and never cause  collision accidents. After all, the staffs of the insurance company are not willing to come out in rainy days too! Of course, you also need to choose a car with sensitive braking, which is the key to everything. A car with insensitive braking will make all your efforts wasted.

4. Slow Down

Ride slowly! Although it will make you see your dear parents a few minutes later, it can ensure your safety. When you has already been drenched in the rain, fast or slow for a while actually does not matter, what really matters is your own  safety!

5. Lower Tire Pressure

Slightly reduce the pressure on your inflated tire, and the softer tire will have better traction, so that you can walk freely on the ice. Of course, if you can choose a thin tire or a fat tire, I highly recommend that you choose a fat tire, which can effectively increase the contact area between the tire and the ground. The Himiway E-bike I’m riding now is a typical fat tire e-bike. Their company only makes fat tire e-bikes, and I recently fell in love with this kind of solid and reliable tires.

6. Use Ebike Fenders

Although most of the e-bikes are waterproof, you should take good care of your bike. Buy a fender. The rain mix with the mud  splashing on your bike body. It will not only scratch the paint of the bike, but also enter the interior of the bike body along the cracks. Stones will turn your power system upside down.Your safety is more important than anything!

7. Cover Your Ebike LCD Screen

Cover your electronic display screen, or you will not see any numbers clearly. The electronic display screen is like your Herald, constantly telling you any useful information about the battlefield. To protect the screen is to protect yourself!

8. Use Rust Protection Spray

Spray antirust paint on the outside of the bike body. The rusty bike doesn’t look very good. Even if the electric bicycle itself has waterproof function, it is best to use antirust spray on the surface, minimize the possibility of rusting, protect the electric bicycle, extend the e-bike life, let it accompany you to spend a longer life.

9. Carry an Emergency Kit

Everyone riding an E-bike should carry a tool kit with him. It won’t bring you a lot of burden, but when accidents happen, you will thank yourself for having such a good habit. Take out a bag you don’t use very often and put the following things in: bandages, electric hand tools, portable maintenance tools, spare batteries, tape. Learn some ways to repair e-bikes. Many of them will be written in the manual of the bike. So read the manual more. It’s not meaningless for the manual to be printed.

10. Clean Your Electric Bike After You Ride

Now I guess you are safe at home. Before you enter the warm little home, park your E-bike, wipe it and make it clean as new! In this way, it will be ready for your next riding!

If you are interested in the fat tire that I have always respected, take a look at the official website of Himiway.
This company only makes fat tire e-bikes so it is trustworthy!

the authorABHIYAN
Abhiyan Chhetri is a cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Abhiyan is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.