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Is Kior™ the Perfect Handheld Laser Hair Removal Device?

The handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ is one of the most efficient hair removal solutions so far.

The company claims it to be the perfect handheld laser hair removal device that can be used by anyone at home (including teens!).

If you have also read similar reviews over the internet and want to know whether the handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ is worth your money, this review will help you move in the right direction.

Kior – An Advanced Permanent Laser Hair Removal Method

Handheld laser hair removal devices are getting extremely popular due to their ease of use and painless techniques for removing hair. But the most famous and widely applauded hair removal method is ‘permanent hair removal’.

The permanent hair removal method is a long-lasting solution to unwanted bodily hair. But the sessions for it are, unfortunately, not budget-friendly. The whole treatment can cost you anywhere around $5,000. Phew. That’s steep!

But for the sake of getting bodily hair removed permanently, many people pay such a hefty amount. However, a handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ is the ultimate solution to these problems as it provides you with permanent hair removal at an affordable price, right at your home.

The Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Solution

Unlike other hair removal methods and epilators, the handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ is an at-home permanent solution to unwanted hair that involves laser radiation and eradicates hair from its roots by attacking the melanin pigment in them.

The Most Affordable Permanent Solution Available So Far!

The best part about the handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ is that it is a one-time investment, implying that you don’t have to pay for each session like you do at the dermatologist’s clinic.

Moreover, you can save this product and use it three or even four years later, when your hair starts to grow back. Besides, it is an easy-to-use product with beginner-friendly features. You won’t need to prepare a lot to use this product.

Age and Skin Type Recommendation for Kior™ Handheld Laser Hair Removal Device

Usually, the permanent hair removal method cannot be applied to young people with sensitive skin or skin types with certain conditions. But the handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ has broken all stereotypes and brings you an ultra-safe hair removal device apt for people with sensitive skin types.

The device has been created considering the skin tones and types of young people, especially teenagers, who undergo maximum social pressure to remove bodily hair. Therefore, it is desired that the Kior device utilizes a specified range of laser radiation, which ultimately makes it eligible for use by teenagers. The best age recommendation to use the Kior handheld device is 14 and upwards.

Furthermore, the melanin content in your skin will also determine the effectiveness of the handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™. If your skin has a deep skin tone, it has more melanin. And if it is pale, then melanin content is less.

Thus, people with deep skin tone will require more sessions of handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ than those with pale skin, depicting that the more melanin the skin has, the longer it will take for the Kior device to remove them.


Overall, the handheld laser hair removal device by Kior™ is safe to use by teenagers or people with sensitive skin types. It is a hassle-free at-home method of removing unwanted body hair and much more inexpensive than most permanent hair removal sessions at a skin clinic.

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