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Is PC gaming dead?

PC upgrade or new console? What to spend money on in the fall? Buy yourself a Zen 3 and a new RDNA2 or Nvidia Ampere graphics card? Or spit on your PC and buy a new console? The humor is that the choice between PS5 and Xbox Series X, despite all the wars between fans of both camps, is actually simple. But whether to take a console or prefer a PC – there are some pitfalls that are not obvious at first glance

How are new consoles different from PCs?

So, the main architectural features presented in the new consoles, which are lacking in modern gaming PCs pc game development company and which can play an important role, are:

  • high-speed NVME SSD, which not every gaming PC can boast of today, even those home PCs with SSDs are often equipped with relatively slow SATA models;
  • hardware data decompression, which on average increases the speed of data exchange with an already fast SSD by one and a half to two times;
  • direct loading of data into video memory, bypassing the intermediate stage in the form of random access memory, as it happens on a PC;
  • new technologies for reducing the amount of required video data by optimizing rendering algorithms.

All these features significantly increase the efficiency of the use of RAM, thereby allowing you to get by with less of it and fill the scene with in much more detail than was previously possible.

A high-speed SSD allows faster loading of data into memory, and therefore makes it possible to keep less data in memory.

As a result, all other things being equal, the amount of memory required by the game using the above chips on the new generation consoles and without using them on the PC can differ significantly. The Sampler Feedback Streaming technology from 2d animation services alone can reduce the number of textures loaded into memory by 2.5 times according to Microsoft estimates.

What’s the perspective

Overall, it looks like the new consoles could cause a major spike in system requirements for games. The following changes can be assumed:

  1. First, quad-core processors will be a thing of the past, as PC game development will target more than eight threads of high-performance Zen 2 cores. Accordingly, it would be reasonable to take at least a six-core here, with the expectation that higher frequencies and a heat package will provide higher performance per stream and compensate for the lack of four streams.
  2. Secondly, due to the features listed above, due to the high efficiency of the memory system on consoles, the requirements for the amount of RAM and video memory will sharply increase. And recent leaks that new top-end video cards from Nvidia can get up to 24 gigabytes of video memory just speak in favor of this version.
  3. SSD may also become a mandatory component of the minimum system requirements, and the recommended ones will include PCI Express 4.0 NVME SSD with a data exchange rate of 4-5 Gb / s.

In the meantime, I see a rational choice from the following options:

  • if we want full-fledged 4K inexpensively – we take Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5;
  • if 1080p / 1440p is enough, and there is already a computer that, as it is, or with a small upgrade, will pull new games from the end of this year in these resolutions at high settings and 60 fps – leave it and, if necessary, upgrade a little;
  • if the computer is old or not and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then we are waiting for the fall and take a new console. It may be as an inexpensive alternative to the Xbox Series S for those who do not need 4K to save pc game development cost.

What else to take into consideration

Aside from the price factor, there are other factors to consider when choosing between PC and console:

The cost of games – fresh AAA releases on consoles cost 4-5 thousand rubles, on a PC on Steam about half the price. Therefore, if you play a lot, do not want to wait for sales and do not want to get involved with all sorts of troubles such as buying games in triplets or through Argentina, then the console is probably not the best option for you in terms of costs.

Organization of a home gaming space – for a PC, this is usually a separate table with a separate monitor, at which you sit and do not disturb anyone. The console usually connects to a TV, which you may have to share with other household members. This is worth considering, perhaps it makes sense to connect the console to your monitor, and not to the TV and not occupy the TV.

The technical quality of games on consoles is higher than on PC, but at the same time patches on consoles sometimes come out several days later than for PC version

In general, something like that. The end of the year promises to be very eventful in terms of new hardware and gadgets. Save your money and make balanced and reasonable purchases. And may they bring you a lot of pleasure.

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