Isleward how Fishing

Isleward is a massively multiplayer online roguelike game. Players can play directly on the web page without downloading. With its casual gameplay , it is very popular among players . Fishing and even fighting monsters . The following is an introduction to how Isleward fishes. For more Isleward gameplay and guide tips, please visit .

fishing method

fishing in Isleward is that you must have a fishing rod . After equipping the rod, players can go to find a bubbling water , stand on the shore , and press the G key or U key to fish . After catching fish , you can use them to make materials or sell them. Currently, the only fish that can be caught in Isleward are sun carp and ancient sun carp, which are classified into different qualities according to the weight of the fish.

fishing rod type

There are a total of 6 different types of fishing rods in Isleward, each with different functions.

Ordinary fishing rod:

Normal Fishing Rods can be purchased from Angler Nayla for 5 Angler’s Marks during a Fishing Tournament, it has 1 random Fishing Stats Scroll that enhances Fishing Stats and Re-Stats.

Competition Fishing Rod:

It is a fishing rod obtained for free from Angler Nayla during fishing tournaments, which increases the chance of extra catch by 25% and catch speed by 50%.

Flimsy Fishing Rod:

Flimsy fishing rods can be purchased from the hermit in Fjolarok for 12 gold, nothing else special.

Magic Fishing Rod:

Magic Fishing Rod can be purchased at Angler Nayla for 15 Angler’s Marks during fishing tournaments, it has 2 random fishing stats.

Rare Fishing Rod:

Rare Fishing Rods can be purchased at Angler Nayla for 45 Angler’s Marks during fishing tournaments, with 3 random fishing stat rolls.

The Soulfisher :

The Soulfisher can be purchased at the Pumpkin Sailor for 1600 Candy Corn, and it has 4 random fishing stat rolls.

type of fish

Sun Carp:

in Fjolarok waters . Sun Carp can be used to craft the Carp on Stick, a one-time healing consumable, and other weight variants of Sun Carp. You can also sell Sun Carp to get it. currency. Unlike other crafting materials in Isleward, Sun Carps take up space in your inventory for each Sun Carp.

Ancient Sun Carp:

Ancient Sun Carp can only be obtained in Fishing Tournaments, which can be entered twice a day, using the Competition Rod, which you can get for free at Angler Nayla in Fjolarok. If you catch the heaviest ancient sun carp in the competition, you will be the first place in the competition. After handing the ancient sun carp to Angler Nayla, you can get Angler’s Marks. The first place gets the most Angler’s Marks, and the second and third place The reward of the name decreases, and all participating players can get at least 2 points. Like the Sun Carp, each Ancient Sun Carp takes up space in your inventory.

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