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Across the globe, Information Technology (IT) is the use of computers and the cloud to securely store, transmit, and analyze data. IT is a crucial component of business operations for most companies in LA ; strong IT management can improve a business’s infrastructure, prevent data breaches, and protect assets when problems do occur. Whether you need help with your network infrastructure, data security, or data management, we at ClearFuze can provide the assistance you need. We understand that every business has different IT needs, which is why we offer custom IT support packages that are tailored to your specific requirements.

ClearFuze is part of a long, storied history of IT in Los Angeles and stands amongst the founders of IT in California. In the 1950s, computer science pioneers developed the theoretical foundations for artificial intelligence (AI) at the University of California, Berkeley. In the 1960s, AI researchers at Stanford University built some of the first working AI systems. By the 1970s, AI researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) had developed expert systems, which were designed to imitate human reasoning. The 1980s saw the rise of personal computers (PCs), which revolutionized the way people use computers. In the early 1990s, the World Wide Web (WWW) was invented, which made information accessible to anyone with the computer and an Internet connection. As IT developed and accessibility to the web grew, so too did the need for IT support. ClearFuze has a place in history, and in modern computing, as a leading IT management company.

IT support in LA can include anything from network administration and security to data storage and backup. IT support is a critical part of any business, as it helps to keep your IT systems running smoothly and efficiently so data, communications, and processing run smoothly. IT support can also save you time and money by providing assistance when problems do occur.

At ClearFuze, our IT consultants work closely with businesses to assess their IT needs and develop a plan of action to improve their IT infrastructure. Businesses of all sizes in all industries, like architecture, healthcare, entertainment, satellite offices, finance, real estate developers, and more can all benefit from IT consulting. Our IT consulting can also involve the implementation of new IT systems, as well as the training of staff on how to use them. ClearFuze’s IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you to assess your IT needs and develop a custom, specific plan of action to improve your IT infrastructure.

IT support in LA is important for anyone who needs IT services. IT consultants at CLearFuze have the experience and know-how to help you get the most out of your IT investment. IT consulting can also help you avoid problems before they occur, and provide assistance when problems do occur. Our ClearFuze IT consultants can help you identify pain points and develop solutions to resolve and prevent them. 

One pain point might be cost:, how much does ClearFuze IT consulting cost? We have a diverse pricing model to help individual businesses build the support plan they need. IT consulting fees vary depending on the size and scope of the project, and larger or long-term projects may require a flat fee. For a holistic, 24/7, all-inclusive solution, consider our ClearONE package. This option includes technical products, technical support, local response, and more. 

Some of the benefits of ClearFuze IT consulting include:

– IT consultants can assess your specific IT needs and customize a plan for your business and industry needs.

– IT consulting can save you time and money by providing targeted, only-what’s-necessary support.

– IT consultants can help you avoid problems before they occur, and provide assistance when problems do occur.


Los Angeles has a long and storied history when it comes to information technology. The city was home to some of the first computers in the world, as well as the first computer networks. In the early days of computing, Los Angeles was home to many of the giants of the industry, such as IBM, Honeywell, and Sperry Rand. Los Angeles was also home to the first internet service providers, such as AOL and Prodigy. Today, Los Angeles is home to many of the world’s leading IT companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and, of course, ClearFuze. Los Angeles is also home to several world-class universities, which are known for their cutting-edge research in information technology.


There are several firms in LA that provide IT consulting for businesses; only one is leading the industry with 5-star reviews from 100% of clients. If you’re considering IT support in LA for your business, consider ClearFuze your top choice.

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