Keep On Rolling Those Hemp Cigarettes

Have you ever taken a good look at the price of pre-rolled Hemp cigarettes? They aren’t exactly going to make you go broke, but they are a lot more expensive than most other alternatives. In some cases, the simple act of rolling will cause the price to be more than doubled. We find this to be a ridiculous level of increase. To be fair, some pre-rolled Hemp cigarettes will have added components/features that can justify their higher cost. In most cases, however, serious smokers should learn to roll their own Hemp. Let’s discuss that subject with our panel of experts.

What Makes A Cigarette The Most Popular Choice?

Cigarettes are currently the most popular way to enjoy Hemp flowers and most frequent smokers know how to roll. This method of consuming Hemp is convenient because you don’t have to prepare the flower in any way. You also don’t have to carry around a pipe or any other smoking device. You just need the cigarette itself and some means of ignition.

Hemp cigarettes are usually rolled with some sort of added filter. If you have been smoking without one, there is a little trick that you can use. After you have finished rolling your Hemp cigarette, take a little piece of cardboard and roll it like a roll of toilet paper. Stick this into the end of your cigarette (the end that your mouth will contact, of course).

With the use of a filter, a cigarette will keep ash and little bits of Hemp from getting sucked down your throat. This is great because such particles can really ruin the experience of smoking from a pipe. You can make sure that you get the cool, refreshing smoke of Hemp and nothing else.

Beginner’s Guide To Rolling

You should start with standard 1.5 rolling papers. It doesn’t really matter which brand you choose, although JOB and Zig-Zag are tried-and-true choices. You should learn using 1.5 papers because they are a little wider than most. This allows you to have something that is a little more forgiving of mistakes. Flavored papers shouldn’t be a problem if you choose one of those, but don’t attempt a cigar until you have mastered the cigarette.

Break up your Hemp flower from and remove any stems and/or seeds. Incidentally, if you see more than a few seeds, you need to switch suppliers. Stems are much easier to forgive because they cannot be fully avoided when growing Hemp. You want it to be finely broken but you don’t want it to be like a powder. Too much powdery stuff will burn too fast and have a tendency to fall out of the end. If your filter isn’t good enough, it can also potentially get through and choke you.

Fold the paper from the bottom, using only about a third of its width. Tuck the corners to make a little “pocket.” Once you get a little better, you will no longer need to make this little pouch. Think of it as your training wheels. Anyway, put the Hemp in the pouch and start rolling. Use your thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers to twist and roll, using one layer to cover and secure the previous one. It really isn’t that hard. Once you’re done, lick the glue strip and complete the roll.

Those who find that they are not good at rolling may find that it’s easier for them to sit the paper on the table after filling the pocket. You can then use the surface of the table to get a more even roll. Once you tuck the free end, just keep a little pressure and push the whole thing upward to roll it in place. Be careful when using this table method because it can sometimes result in a cigarette that is too tight and difficult to hit.

Of course, there will be some who just aren’t good at rolling. Are these people doomed to a life of buying pre-rolls or smoking a pipe? Not necessarily. There are numerous types of rolling machines on the market and most of them aren’t that expensive. The small two-roller types can often be as cheap as $5. If you find that rolling by hand is very difficult for you, you might find these to your liking. We would advise you to avoid the larger and more complex versions of these rolling machines, however, because some of your Hemp will get lost in the works.

Improving Your Skills

Once you have mastered the art of rolling with a 1.5 paper, you can move on to a 1.25 paper. The process is exactly the same, but the paper is about half the size. 1.25 is the most common size for rolling papers because it is just enough to get the job done. 1.5 rolls are not as popular because there will be a stronger taste of paper.

After you have become comfortable with the 1.25 paper, you can try a cigar if you are so inclined. The main thing to remember is that cigar papers are too dry and brittle at first. You need to wet them just a little bit before you slit them to remove the tobacco. Some people use their spit, but it’s a lot more sanitary to put some water on your finger. Once you’ve achieved the right level of dampness, rolling a blunt becomes just like any other rolling job. They are a little bit harder to stick (no glue strip) when you are done, but that’s about all.


No matter what kind of Hemp you like, we encourage you to keep rolling those Hemp cigarettes. It’s a very economical way to smoke, and a very enjoyable way to get those medicinal Cannabinoids in your system. By this time next year, we hope that you will be the best Hemp roller that you know. Until next time, we wish you pleasant rolling and mellow smoking.

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