Keep Pace with the trend with the new employee tracking software

Keep Pace with the trend with the new employee tracking software

In this cutthroat age, every business needs several field staff for sales purposes, service, and on-site projects. In all companies, tracking down the on-field activities and getting live updates from the field is a big problem. But now there’s a solution to overcome this barrier i.e employee tracking system which helps in tracking movements and on-field activities of the employees. Using this application, field staff can mark their attendance in the morning. Further, each visit order can be tied with time, location, feedback, and other details. We can also note down the expenses and the payment collected. Managers can also receive future tour plans and leave requests. It also provides functions like Stock Taking, Site Reporting, Site Staff Attendance, and Site Material Movement. At the other end, managers can track their staff’s location with its orders and expenses. Based upon the employee’s location managers can delegate complaints, inquiries, and deliveries. All information collected from the field is available online to the office administration, they can view all kinds of details and summary reports. This information helps in staff monitoring, analyzing, and decision making. Therefore, the Employee Tracking System helps in bringing down the costs, workload and improves overall efficiency. This is the best way out for a company to make its managers, boss, and employees feel happy and satisfied.

Here’s why a company should install such software-

1. Automatic Employee Attendance

Everyone is fond of clicking selfies, then why not make the selfies a part of your professional life. Biometrics is an automatic route through which the attendance of employees is taken on a digitally crafted machine. All the employees have to do is either enter through their fingerprint or show their face in front of the digitized machine just like they take a selfie. Their attendance would be marked at the spot.

2. Assigning Task

In case of an emergency task in the business premises, we used to find the desired employee first and then him with the work. But this employee tracking software has made it much easier, all you have to do is track the location of the employee who is closest to the production location and then ask him to do the task. In this manner, the task would be done in time and there would be no hassle which would ultimately save effort.

3. Employee task notification

Once the manager has notified and put down the task in the respective employees’ profile, the employee would receive his task assigned. Once he is done with the task, a task completion notification would be sent to the manager by whom the task was assigned and the task would be dismissed then as it has been completed. The complete way of communication between the manager and employee helps to build good relations.

4. Customer ratings on service

Such apps focus on the holistic development of the employees. They are not just concerned with the attendance, clock in and clock out the time of the employees but also their behavior and gestures towards the customers. In case there is any unusual incident, the client is free to review the employee in negative terms and the employee is then directly answerable to the company or the manager.

5. Growth and financial status

When the companies choose the path of professionalization, the clients are also less worried about their investments in the business. The root of professionalization not only reduces the client’s fairness but also generates a feeling of being checked up on in the employees. Because they know that they are being watched upon by the manager every 24×7, they work up to the best of their capabilities so that they can be rewarded for the same when it comes to a bonus. When employees would give their hundred percent, there would be no scope left for underperformance, and the company would grow financially and would become stable, with no losses for Instance.

Employee tracking software is the right way to fight mismanagement, an inefficient system, and puzzled employees. The tracking system allows to track the employee’s current location and path. It also fixes the area of the workforce and gets the digital signatures & images when required. The tracking system assigns the job to the nearest employee available and generates reports in the best interest of the employees for taking up the best decisions. So get ready to be free from the mental agony and that too at affordable prices as the systems are not very expensive. Investing in such systems will help the company to monitoring work from home employees to be efficient in many ways and would increase the company’s productivity. Such systems make it very handy to track and be well versed with the inputs gained in business by every employee. Whether you run a construction company, Landscape or cleaning company, Delivery agent company, or any other business that has stuff out in the field you need to know where your people, so you can dispatch team members accordingly and make the work done at the right place in the right time and with the right number of people. It helps to manage the crew and manage business smoothly. It has Accurate GPS services and Geo-fences.

With automatic reporting, payroll integrations, and productivity monitoring it’s all in one business tool. You can also add customized job staff. In the system, it will automatically start and stop when a team member enters or leaves the location. It also allows you to get real-time syncing with the employer so that you can get an idea of where your employees are at any specific time. It also can capture mileage for expense reports. Multiple team members can be tracked with one device, therefore employees can be notified just at once if there is any change in the schedule or if there is any change in board meetings. Users will also be alerted when it’s time to leave, allowing you to set an estimated amount of hours a day for them to work and receive a warning when that time is up. 15 minutes’ notice is needed. It assists workers in recognizing that it is time to log out for the day. Therefore, employ the best employee tracking system and track down the unproductive movements to keep your business moving at a fast pace. Employees make a business’s image, so don’t delay for this one.