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Do you want to build your E-commerce website? Then you definitely need a highly secure and reliable web hosting platform that enables advanced security measures to start or run your E-commerce business fearlessly. For that, you should choose the best web hosting solution like a  Reseller Hosting that ensures to defend your sensitive data with end-to-end encryption.

But after implementing greater security measures, the hackers still find a way to corrupt or destroy your website data with fake credentials during the signup process on your e-commerce website. So, it is important to secure your website data with a protected layer with an automated solution. Therefore, it would be best to choose the Reseller Hosting with WHMCS to ensure network security, cyber security, secure management, automation, and much more ways to keep your E-commerce website data safe.

This guide helps you to Secure your E-commerce enterprises by taking preventive measures against malicious and cyber attacks. For that, first, you need to know the Security Threats E-Commerce Businesses Frequently Faces while developing their E-commerce business.

Security Threats E-Commerce Businesses Frequently Face

Security Threats E-Commerce Businesses Frequently Face

Hackers may didn’t require strong technical skills to steal your website information. They need a little bit of social engineering and a trick to deceive a few critical people of the targeted company.  So when you start or build your E-commerce businesses. They target the login credentials of key people to access all the data of your E-commerce business.

So, here we have listed the top security attacks that E-commerce businesses face nowadays. Therefore, understand and explore the ways to protect yourself from such e-commerce security threats.

Phishing Attacks

When hosting the E-commerce site with free WHMCS Reseller Hosting, most E-commerce business owners are completely unaware of the phishing threats. Phishing is the process of deceiving the users. It creates a similar web page like the other E-commerce sites and asks to attempt the login process again. When you enter your personal credentials when they show a popup on the screen. At that moment, they save your sensitive data and penetrate your website information.

Unfortunately, most E-commerce businesses don’t know how to deal with phishing; they don’t even recognize the phishing page. So, to avoid by being your business getting in such a situation, trained your employee to identify phishing attacks. So, you can secure your E-commerce business from Phishing attacks.

Spam Emails

Spam Emails

Spam Emails are also one of the factors to access data of your E-commerce business. Hackers usually penetrate some user’s email ID and send spam emails to their targeted organizations. With Spam Emails, they carried out phishing and malware attacks in order to crack the user’s credentials. Once they get victory in such a process, hackers are able to access or steal E-commerce businesses’ data.

So, to keep your data protected from cyberattacks, avoid opening such spam emails that are completely insecure and dangerous for your computer system.

Distributed Denial of Services attacks

Most E-commerce business owners don’t know how to deal with DDoS attacks because they are unaware of such types of attacks. DDoS attacks generally use multiple computers to increase the fake traffic on your website in order to slow down your website. When your site slows down too much, they paralyze your server by overloading traffic, affect your conversion rates and revenue, so you cannot perform any function even in the back-end.

To protect your E-commerce business with reseller hosting free WHMCS, you can use a Web Application Firewall(WAF) that filters all the traffic and enables GEO blockings when a large amount of traffic comes from the same area or changes your server IP.

SQL injection

SQL injections are the most common type of cyberattacks that inject your SQL commands and change your existing scripts that you are using to run your E-commerce sites. So, once they have done with this process, they get the access to make changes on your scripts, even shut down your computer as well.

So, to take the preventive measures from such SQL injections in order to secure your E-commerce site hosted on a reseller hosting with WHMCS, you should use whitelists. It ensures only limited users can access the limited portion of codes, so it creates difficulty for hackers to change the code. Along with this, regularly update your website, use the latest technology, and real-time scans are the top security measures to save your E-commerce site from cyberattacks.

Debit and Credit card Fraud

This is considered as one of the primary and popular tricks to hack sensitive information. For example, when you buy unlimited reseller hosting with WHMCS plans from any web host provider and make payment via a card. At that moment, the hacker attacks your card information during payment processing. So, they penetrate the process and steal your data. This may potentially hurt you and put you in a sarcastic situation where you can suffer from financial loss.

Combat E-commerce Security Threats with WHMCS Reseller Hosting at Wisesolution

E-commerce security threats are the most common types of cyberattacks that you will face in everyday life. Some of them are mentioned above in this post.  But among them, few can be resolved by taking advanced security measures or choosing the right and best reseller hosting with WHMCS solution. Because it provides you the best cybersecurity that makes it difficult for hackers to steal your E-commerce site data.

So, in order to secure your E-commerce website, ensure your web host provides the below mentioned cybersecurity along with the WHMCS Reseller Hosting plans.


Enable the encryption on your Ecommerce platform, so the users who have a decryption key can access the data. Apart from them, none of the other users can read the data because once data is encrypted, it converts into the “cipher text” that must be readable once decrypted.

Make sure your Payment Gateway is Secure

Make sure your Payment Gateway is Secure

Payments are the core components in E-commerce businesses. So, when you buy the WHMCS Reseller Hosting to host your E-commerce website, ensure it gives you standard payment gateways in order to keep your secure sensitive data like card information.

Secure your Website with an SSL Certificate

Ensure the Reseller Hosting with WHMCS you have purchased gives you an SSL security. So once you use the SSL certificate for your E-commerce business, then all the data and information that sends or receives on your site would be encrypted. This must be the best way to protect your e-commerce business from hackers.

Use Antivirus Software

It is another security measure that you should consider. It won’t help you to secure your website data but the system. So, when data is received or downloaded from the private network, antivirus scans it entirely, and if any malicious activity encounters, it lets you know about it. So, you can prevent your back-end activities.

Implement Firewalls

Implement Firewalls

A firewall is network security that detects and blocks unnecessary traffic and allows only legitimate traffic to pass on it. So, it would be best to install advanced and standard Firewalls on your server to protect your website data from being hacked or corrupted. In simple terms, it helps to keep your E-commerce site secure from DDoS attacks.

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As you have seen above, the different problems an E-commerce business person faces every day to protect their website. So, it must be necessary to go for a Best Reseller Hosting Provider, Like Wisesolution who gives you complete secure web hosting solutions. Also, make sure along with the cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS, the web host gives you standard security services such as inbuilt firewalls, Antivirus, malware protection, SSL certificate, Denial of Service attack(DDoS) protection, Server secure advanced security, end-to-end encryption and much. So, you can secure your E-commerce business with various kinds of attacks.

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Wrapping Up

 The first factor is to host your E-commerce website on the cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS to protect your E-commerce business from being hijacked by malicious hackers or cyber-attacks. You should also carefully implement all the factors mentioned above because these outline security patches not, for instance, safety, will protect your e-commerce business for a very long time.

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