Kisses Yacht

Kisses yacht

Produced by Feadship, Netherlands, the Kisses yacht showcases superior interior and exterior design. The yacht carries several notable features that are worth mentioning. In this article, we give you a detailed tour of the yacht, find out who the Kisses yacht owner is, and where the Kisses is currently located. Let’s get started. 

Who owns Kisses yacht?

Norman Braman is the owner of the yacht Kisses. Braman is estimated to have a net worth of $3 billion as of 2022. He made his fortune from some of America’s largest car dealership businesses. Norman Braman was also the former owner of the famous American football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Braman is an avid yachting enthusiast and has been known to own other famous luxury yachts in the past. The yacht Kisses is perhaps his favorite yacht of all the yachts he has owned. 

Kisses yacht location

On November 7th, 2022, the yacht Kisses was located in the North West zone of the Atlantic Ocean. The exact coordinates of the yacht were 25.78518 N / 80.179 W.  

AIS reported that the Kisses yacht currently operates under the Cayman Islands flag. The last known voyage of the yacht was recorded between Charleston, United States to Miami, Florida, United States. 

Features and specifications of Kisses 

Designed by De Voogt Naval Architects, the Kisses yacht has several distinct features you should know about. We take you through each aspect of the yacht in detail to give you a better insight into yacht Kisses. 

Kisses yacht price

The Kisses yacht was acquired by owner Norman Braman for $35 million. It has an estimated running cost between $2 million to $3 million. 

While yachts of this size and stature are much more expensive today, back in 2000, this price was justified. It uses posh materials on the interior with exceptional motoring technology, which makes the price tag of $35 million quite reasonable. 

Dimensions and build of yacht Kisses

The Kisses yacht measures a total length of 53.34 meters (175 ft.). The draft length of the yacht is 3.05 meters (10 ft.), and the beam is 9.8 meters (32.1 ft.). The draught max measure of yacht Kisses is 3.05 meters (10ft.)The gross tonnage of the Kisses yacht is 751 GT. 

It is made of an aluminum superstructure and steel hull for maximum strength. De Voogt Naval Architects conceptualized the yacht’s exterior design and naval design. 

Kisses yacht interior

Robert Knack International is the visionary behind the splendid design of the Kisses yacht interior. The yacht features five luxury cabins that can accommodate 10 guests. It also has additional rooms for 11 crew members. 

What’s unique about its interior is the layout of both the lower deck and the main deck. Both these decks’ roofs are outfitted with large mirrors that give an illusion of tall roofs. 

There’s an exquisite dining area with plush furnishings and wooden flooring that gives a highly premium feel. Braman’s interest in art collection also shows in the interior, with a few creative artworks across the yacht. 

Performance of yacht Kisses 

The Kisses yacht has two 3512E DITA Caterpillar Inc diesel engines. This massive setup can produce 2,720 horsepower and can take the yacht up to a top speed of 15.4 knots.  The average cruising speed of the Kisses yacht is recorded at a decent 13 knots, which can help achieve a range of 3,400 nautical miles. 

It features an onboard water capacity of 7,079 gallons (26,800 liters), and a fuel holding capacity of 20,446 gallons (77,400 liters). There are two large propellers on the Kisses yacht, which help maneuver the yacht. 

Highlights of Kisses motor yacht

Now that we have given you an in-depth tour. Here’s a quick look through all the technical aspects and other features of yacht Kisses.

Kisses motor yacht 
The Kisses motor yacht engine Caterpillar Inc 3512E DITA Diesel engines X 2

Horsepower of the yacht

Each motor of the yacht generates up to 1,360 horsepower

That means a total of 2,720 horsepower is produced by the two engines

Kilowatt power generation

1,014 units of Kilowatt power

A total of 2,028 KW is produced by 2 motors combined 

The maximum range of the yacht 3,400 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 13 knots
Cruising speed of yacht Kisses 13 knots of cruising speed
The maximum speed of the Kisses motor yacht 15.4 knots of achievable top speed
Water storage capacity 26,800 liters water capacity
Fuel tank capacity 77,400 liters of fuel capacity
Length of yacht Kisses 175 ft. (53.34 meters)
Draft length  10 ft. (3.05 meters)
Beam length 32 ft. (9.8 meters)
Max draught of the yacht 10 ft. (3.05 meters)
Gross tonnage 751 GT
Total crew members 11 crew members onboard
Number of cabins on the Kisses motor yacht  5 luxury suites
Guest capacity 10 guests on the Kisses yacht
Hull material  Steel material 
Superstructure material  Aluminum superstructure
Builder of yacht Kisses Feadship
Country and port of origin Netherlands, Aalsmeer
Year of launch 2000
Interior designers Robert Knack International
Exterior and naval designers De Voogt Naval Architects
Class of yacht Kisses  Lloyd’s Register
Hull type of the yacht  Motor yacht 


Kisses yacht: One of the Netherlands’ finest premium yachts

The Kisses motor yacht enters its 23 rd year of service. The refinement in technology and the quality of materials used on the interior have stood the test of time. It is also essential to understand that an annual maintenance cost of more than $2 million is spent yearly. This is to ensure the proper functioning of the yacht.

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