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KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error Solved | 5 Different Methods


What is KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error in Windows 10?

BSOD which is also known as the blue screen of death has been the common error and even it’s too frustrating because it might occur in any time like even while we are doing work, while playing games which will distract the mind of the user but I think it is also common problem because it is fixed even with simple bootup and sometimes it take long time and more ideas to solve the problem. This problem seems simple but if it is not fixed properly then it will come along time to time. Not only this these problem may restart your computer each time they appear.

Likewise KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED is one of the error which occurs due to faulty drivers and softwares, it could be the problem with physical component like RAM and so on.
We can solve the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED with the simple steps.

Solution 1: Enter Safe Mode and install the missing drivers

  1. First of all we have to get to the ‘safe mode’, you have to hard power off 3[ three] times on the row on your computer or laptop until you get your windows ‘boot screen’.
    If you dont know how to do hard power off then, you dont need to worry about that I am here to teach you.
    Step 1: After you press the ‘power button’ on laptop or windows then you will see the’ loading windows’.
    Step 2: When you see the loading ‘boot up screen’ then you again press the ‘power button’ on your device.
    Step3: Again repeat this process 2 times which will make 3 hard power off then the windows will take you to the windows boot screen.
  2. Otherwise, if you are able to boot up with the windows then go the ‘start menu’ then go to the ”’power option’ then’ hold shift key’ then ‘left click’ on the restart.

    safe mode

  3. Then you will get the three option which includes’ troubleshoot’, ‘turn of your pc’, and ‘continue’, as I have marked in ‘troubleshoot’ click on it.

    safe mode

  4. After clicking in the ‘troubleshoot’ you have to go to startup settings.

    safe mode

  5. Then you will see the interface like the image below then you have click on the ‘restart’, which will restart your computer.

    safe mode

  6. After this you will get the lots of option like ‘enable debugging’, ‘enable boot logging’ as you can see in the below image where you need to press function leys, we need to ‘enable safe mode with networking’ so we need to press ‘F5’ key on the key board.

    safe mode

  7. Then it will load your ‘boot up screen’, after this you will log into your windows in the ‘safe mode’. Safe mode is intended to help fix most, like system error, disk problems third apps, if not all problems within an operating system. So, it will be more easier to solve this error with safe mode.
  8. After this we need to open up ‘windows run’ by clicking ‘windows button’ and ‘R’ same time then type ‘misconfig’ then you will see services which is right to the  boot.

    checking missing file

  9. Then you can search ‘e lan services’, you have to uncheck it and select ‘apply’ then just restart, it will take you to the normal window and the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error should be solved.

Solution 2: Update driver

Most of the time this KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error is occurred due to the faulty drivers or outdated drivers. So you have to check the desire driver and up to date the browser with the latest one which should solve your problem. If you are confused that you gonna be confuse which driver need to be update then, When the blue screen occurs, you will typically see “Error: Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled,” followed by a name in brackets. That name is the driver that’s causing the problem and the one we want to update.

Then you can follow this simple steps to update your device driver which is even mentioned in our previous topic about the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error.

  • Type ‘Device Manager’ into the Windows search bar and click the corresponding entry.

    Update Driver

  • As per the error you have got you need to go to the desire device drivers then right click it. Then you have to choose ‘update the driver’ from the drop down menu.

    Update Driver

  • When given the choice, select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’, like the image below and wait for the process to complete.


  • Then you can restart your device either laptop or computer.

If this also doesn’t solve KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED then you should move to our next solution.

Solution 3:  Run System File Checker

The sfc command is a Command Prompt command that can be used to verify and replace important Windows system files. Many troubleshooting steps advise the use of the sfc command. System File Checker is a very useful tool to use when you suspect issues with protected Windows files, like many DLL files.

You can run System File Checker from these following steps

  1. Type ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ in the Start menu search bar, then right-click and select’ Run as administrator’ to open an elevated Command Prompt.
  2. Then you can type’ sfc/scannow’ and press’ enter’.


  3. Then it will begin to verify the phase of the system.
  4. Then it automatically replace any corrupt or missing system files.

Solution 4:  Problem with memory; RAM

Memory diagnostics is a system memory test that examines your computer’s RAM for any issues. If an issue, such as kmode_exception_not_handled, is detected, it will be highlighted in the status bar. Follow the steps mentioned below to carry out the process.

  •  Open the control panel and tap on ‘System and security.’

    System Memory Diagnostics

  • Tap on ‘Administrative tools’ and navigate to ‘Windows Memory Diagnostics.’

    ‘Windows Memory Diagnostics

  • Click on ‘Restart now and check the problems.’

Now, the process will fix any specific issue it will come across in your Windows 10.


All the solution, I have mentioned above should solve your problem until it is problem with your memory, if it is problem with hte memory then you can take to the service centres and get the new one or repair it. Otherwise checking missed files from the safe mode and updating the device driver should solve this Kmode Exception not Handled error.

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