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Everything You Need to Know About a Website Privacy Policy

privacy policy

A privacy policy is defined as a legal document that gives details on what kind of personal information that you can gather from website users, how to make use of this information, in addition to how you can keep it safe. These laws dictate how, as a full stack developer, you can collect personal information from the website users. Therefore it’s good to have a privacy policy on your website and mobile phone.

Privacy policy technically is a legal document that should be both easy to read and accurate to understand. Vague or hidden phrase on the document is not acceptable. This article will look at everything you need to know about a website privacy policy. They include:

Privacy policies have become vital on every business website. They offer both you and your client’s peace of mind. The document lets them know why and exactly how you collect and use their personal information. Privacy policies are actually a requirement by law in several states and countries.

 Respect for individuals

The privacy policy is concerning with respecting individuals.  When an individual has a reasonable need to remain or keep something confidential, it is impertinent to ignore that client wishes devoid of a forceful reason to do so.

Certainly, the desire for being private can conflict with some important values; consequently, privacy may not always win. The desire for privacy may be brushed off as the harm been done is trivial. If this doesn’t cause so many grievances, it may demonstrate a lack of respect for that particular person.  A privacy policy should care about the interests of all stakeholders in the website.

Contact details

It is vital to be transparent and allow website users to get in touch with you if they have any queries. The privacy policy should both an email address and your address whereby the user can communicate.

Freedom of speech and thought

The privacy policy is the key to freedom of thought. An observant eye on everything we watch or read can you afraid of searching more ideas that are outside the conventional site. Privacy does not only protect extreme activities but is the key to shielding speaking detested messages. Thus you may like to criticize other people we know to others rather than to not share that criticism with the rest of the world. An individual may want to investigate ideas that their family or friends or colleagues dislike.


The privacy policy must assure all the users that the organization may use all necessary actions to look after the security of the data. The policy gives emphasis to that it may not be possible for the organization to 100% guarantee user’s data will be protected from any compromise or; malicious attacks. Therefore the users ought to understand that any spread of their personal data may be at their own risk.

 Freedom of political and social behavior

Privacy assists your capability to connect with each other people and engage in political actions. The key constituent of freedom of political association is determined by the ability to do so with privacy policy if one chooses. A privacy policy protects the ballot because if it fails to do so, the concern it would keep of chill people’s voting their conscience. This is because of political beliefs that each and everyone has. Thus observant eye may disrupt and influence these activities.

 Privacy as a human right

The right to privacy is an essential human right. This is expressed in all international and regional human rights documents. More than 130 countries worldwide have constitutional documents in regard to the protection of privacy. The privacy policy protects all information gathered, not fall on the wrong hands.

Website privacy policy updates

Private policies should be revised annually. This can be done whenever a change has been made to the site. This may be sharing practices or collection practices. It is necessary to update privacy policies, especially if the changes may affect the business.

Usage and analytics data

Privacy policies allow the user to know that your website gathered information’s so that they can able to analyze the site.  The data collected is very vital to the organization as it helps to know all the problems that the site may incur as well as improving the function of the site

If possible, it good to let the users know the information that s gathered.  They may include a web browser, service providers, operating systems, IP addresses, the pages the client viewed time spent and any other information that’s related to data usage.

User information

The website user may be allowed to change and update any personal information to adjust it, the frequency that the company receives information. The website owner has the power to disable the account according to the terms and conditions in the privacy policy. The privacy policy ought to provide a technique for the website user to determine the preceding of the site.


In all relationships, this may be personal, governmental commercial, professional depends on trust. Any breach of this trust and confidentiality may harm this relationship.  Trust is the key component in maintaining this professional relationship. Just as we trust people who we mostly interact with, the same applies to the organization we deal with whenever this trust is breached may on party more reluctant with the relationship.  Thus privacy policy creates   this trust between the user and his clients


Whenever possible, the privacy policy must disclose that the site uses cookies so as to enhance the website functions. Several browsers developed accept cookies. You have to reset browser settings so as to   get rid of all cookies in addition to all cookies that are sent

It is good to note that certain sections of the site may not function as required when cookies are deleted or disabled. It is recommended that you should legally protect yourself, thus getting a certified lawyer to approve privacy policy for your website on the conspicuous area

In addition, developing a methodology to re-examine the privacy policy periodically is vital. Protecting yourself and staying ahead is important as the internet and technology are on the rise. Furthermore, state laws are catching up with those who are breaching these privacy policies.



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