Know about breastfeed

Know about breastfeed

A common conundrum that new mothers have to face is whether to breastfeed or not. Whereas there is no right answer to this, as every situation merits a consideration accordingly, it of course helps in knowing the pros and cons of it.

Some things to consider when making the choice of whether to breastfeed or not include:

Good for the mother

Whereas motherhood is a selfless act, there is no harm in considering a mutually beneficial option, which breastfeeding is.

Nursing the baby helps in the mother’s recovery from the trauma of childbirth.

However, if your Best Child Specialist in Islamabad has prescribed you some medication, clear with them first if you can breastfeed or not.

Moreover, the advantages for mother’s health are not just short-term, but they are valid in the long-term as well. Breastfeeding helps in lowering the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

Good for the baby

Breast milk is very nutritious, but that is not all. It has a distinct sweet taste that makes it tastier for the baby. Moreover, when you eat things that you did during pregnancy, the taste is passed off in the breast milk, and thus comforts the baby.

Allows bonding

When you hold your baby to your bare chest, it allows for skin-to-skin contact, which not only comforts the baby, but also enables bonding. If you also establish eye contact with the baby when feeding them, you can further the bond with your baby.

Birth control

Another advantage of breastfeeding is that it presents as a natural birth control, when utilized the correct way. Since it leads to hormonal changes in the body, breastfeeding exclusively can prevent you from having periods. Without the release of the egg, there is no chance of fertilization. As having a gap between babies is important, therefore, this advantage cannot be ignored.


Let’s be honest; formula milk is expensive. Breast milk, on the other hand, does not impose this way on the finances. Of course, it requires that you eat healthy, but that you should be doing regardless.

But is a source of discomfort

Breast feeding is not easy. It is hard for the baby to latch on, and some women may also require the intervention of a lactation expert to help them through the process.

Furthermore, there are many problems that can present like plugged milk ducts, painful and sore nipples, breasts becoming so hard that the baby can’t latch onto them etc.

Moreover, breast feeding also requires the mother to be on duty all the time. If they are not pumping and exclusively breastfeeding the baby, it may also mean that the mother does not get to be away from the baby. Taking the baby everywhere is also a problem, not to mention the discomfort that some might feel when breastfeeding in public.

Requires no preparation

Breast milk is ready to serve, and requires no preparation, a big advantage that should not be discounted. It saves you the hassle of keeping the bottle clean and warm, making the formula for which you need optimal water temperature and similar preparation protocols. It can be very convenient at night, when doing the entire preparation task feels like a great chore.

Of course, if you are pumping milk instead of directly feeding the baby, you lose this advantage.

Healthy baby

Breast milk ensures that the baby stays healthy, not just through infancy, but also the rest of their lives as well. Babies who are breastfed have lesser chances of developing problems like eczema.

While you can also have a perfectly healthy baby when bottle feeding, breast milk has the added advantage of improving immunity of the baby, so they become sick less often, and you have to make fewer visits to the Best Child specialist in Karachi.

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