Latest Way By Which Companies Screen Your Resume

Latest Way By Which Companies Screen Your Resume

A lot of times the candidates applying for jobs do not know about the resume selection process. Knowing this is crucial as it can help you in ensuring that your resume gets shortlisted in the process. Gone are the days when hiring managers and recruiters used to do all the heavy work. How do you think that for jobs with thousands or sometimes lakhs of applicants companies go through every candidate’s resume? Especially when talking about your dream job, chances are that competition will be very high and you do not want to lag behind just because somebody has listed their skills in a more lucid format. This article comes under the resume writing services India describes in detail how the process is like after you submit your resume.

The growth of ATS

With advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), hiring is a whole different ball game now. AI-based Applicant Tracking System or ATS in short is the piece of software that analyses and stores the resumes of candidates applying for a job. This saves hiring managers from doing the tedious task of going through several applications for days and checking if the candidate can be a good fit for the role. With the aid of conversational AI, it has become easier for companies to communicate with the candidates and ask them basic questions such as how soon they can join.

Besides ensuring that the best candidate gets hired, the manager can simultaneously pay attention to other tasks at hand. You would have yourself seen its role if you have applied on company websites in the past few years. Within the last few years, the number of companies using this system has risen given the time it can save.

Parsing resume:

When your resume goes through ATS, it parses (reads) the content on your resume and extracts the data. This extraction is pretty much like the one you see on job posting sites when the software extracts information from your resume to update your profile. If your resume is not properly formatted with headings, subheadings, and bullets, the information will get stored incorrectly in the system. This means that the recruiter or the hiring manager must order it which can be difficult to understand at times and hence defeats the purpose of having ATS in the first place. This can also lead to the candidate not getting shortlisted.


The shortlisting by ATS is done based on the parameters entered by the recruiters. For example, if the recruiter for a company enters in the system that the candidate must have at least seven years of experience, the ATS will filter out only the resume that is relevant. Other parameters include choice of location, keywords for relevant skills, and the like. To understand more about how it works in the country, you can look up the TEXT resume writing services India.

So, a resume can only get selected if you have entered the requisite information and not skipped anything. Once the keywords and parameters match, the algorithm used by ATS ranks every resume based on how many conditions are satisfied. Based on this, the shortlisted candidates are called for an interview or given a test (a task sometimes) to do.


Often, the resume you submit gets stored in the database of the company and stays even if you have not been selected. This is done so that you can be considered for roles in the future if your profile turns out to be suitable.

What does it mean for you?

So, this sounds like the work of the company employees got easier but your workload has increased. But do not worry, your task remains the same, that is, build a strong and impressive resume. An important consideration now is using the correct keywords. As keywords in the right order play a major role in searching and filtering in ATS, make sure that you provide the key skills or technologies required for selection.

Tip: Another thing to keep in mind is that since ATS extracts text, you should not enter information in the form of images using tools such as Photoshop to just seem creative and use more versatile style combinations. You can style your resume using simpler tools like Microsoft and Powerpoint even if you are not looking to keep it simple. This is because ATS will not detect and extract that text. It will treat it like any other basic image. Just imagine half or all of your resume information not entered in the database! If you want to get shortlisted, make sure you follow this advice. You can compare what are the key variations from the older format when you view something such as the Resume writing services India.

This can be understood from the job profile you are applying for as well as the job description. You can even view different selected CVs of your colleagues and other people who are in the job roles that you desire to understand what the desired application looks like. But make sure that when you create your resume, it is unique to you and not copied from someone. In addition, if you have your own profile website, you can add it to your resume.

Final Thoughts

You cannot avoid ATS and think that you will get into some company where ATS is not being used. As more companies switch to ATS in the future, you need to ensure that the resume you design is ATS compliant. Whether you build your resume yourself or hire someone, make sure you get it reviewed. For ideas on how to build an ATS compliant resume, you can look for the Resume writing services India.