Learn How to Determine What Makes the Best Inverter Battery

Learn How to Determine What Makes the Best Inverter Battery

Are you in the market to buy the best inverter battery? Chances are your old one just gave out, and you want something that’s better than that. Whatever the reason might be, it is essential that you learn what makes the best inverter battery.

Don’t just blindly buy any other battery. Also, try not to buy the same inverter battery that your neighbor just bought, and that’s because the requirements of your neighbors will be vastly different from your household. There are various factors that determine what the best inverter battery is supposed to be. Let’s take a look at these 3 factors that might just change your buying decision.

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These Are The 3 Factors That Make the Best Inverter Battery

  • Calculate Your Household’s Entire Power Requirement

This is one of the major factors that can influence your buying decision. What makes the best inverter battery will depend directly on whether or not it can satisfy the total power requirements of your household.

So, what is this total power requirement?

Well, in simpler terms, it’s the measurement of the power consumption of all the electrical appliances of your home, including appliances such as refrigerators, induction cookers, lights, fans, AC, TVs, computers, hair dryers, and others. So, it is essential that you calculate total power requirements and see whether the inverter battery that you are buying can support such power requirements.

Well, how do you calculate these power requirements? Here’s how.

1 Fan = 65 Watts

1 Light Bulb = 40 Watts

1 Tube Light = 50 Watts

1 Television = 70 Watts

And so on and so forth.

Once you figure out the power consumption of each of the electrical appliances, try adding them all together. Also, if you have multiple light bulbs or fans, try multiplying that with the power consumption of that appliance.

So, 4 * 40 Watts (4 Light Bulbs) + 3 * 65 Watts (3 Fans) + 2 * 70 Watts (2 Televisions) + 1 * 80 Watts (Refrigerator) + 1 * 120 Watts (AC) = 160 + 195 + 140 + 80 + 120 = 695 Watts.

So, 695 Watts is the total power consumption of your house. If you have any other electrical appliances, find out their power requirements and add them to the list as well.

  • What VA Ratings Does Your Inverter Support?

In an ideal world, your VA rating would be the same as your watts. After all, the formula of watts is W = V * A. But for the VA rating to be the same as the watts, the inverter has to be running at 100% efficiency, which is not possible in the real world. Usually, most inverters run at an efficiency rate of about 60 – 80%, which is not that bad. So, if your inverter is operating at a 70% efficiency rate, suppose then your VA rating would be something like this-

Total Power Conversion / Efficiency Rate = VA Rating

So, that’s 695 / 0.70 = 993 Approximately

That’s the VA rating that would be ideal for your home. So, your inverter must be capable of delivering such a power requirement.

  • What Capacity of Battery Does Your Home Need?

To understand what kind of battery your home needs, you need to first understand the capacity of your battery. Every battery will come marked with numbers such as 100 Ah, 150 Ah, or 180 Ah. So, what capacity do you need?

To calculate that, first understand what kind of battery backup you are expecting. So, if you have power cuts that last 3 hours, then multiply the total power consumption by 3 and then divide the total by 12 since each inverter battery has 12 volts.

That’s (695 * 3)/12 = 173 Ah. So, any battery with 180 Ah would be perfect for your home.

These are the three things that you need to consider mainly: total power consumption of your household, VA rating of your inverter, and the capacity of the battery that will be perfect for your household to be able to pick the best inverter batteries for your home. Once you have it all figured out, all you need next is a high-quality battery that can take on the required load.

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