Let’s Talk Engagement


Blogging and social media is all about garnering the right level of engagement, and, finally, making a sale at the end of the day. Let’s consider some statistics. There are 4.57 billion people around the world now who use the internet. Of those users, 346 million new users have come online within the last 12 months. These are some amazing statistics. Such is the exponential growth of people getting online, these statistics keep changing very fast.


There are plenty of people getting online when it comes to blogging and leveraging the power of social media. There are plenty of people who are in the social media space and are concerned about maintaining a sense of uniqueness.


There are many aspects when it comes to online marketing like insights, click through rates, content types, and some asking questions like — Should you Use Hashtags in your Blog Content? While both social media marketing and blogging are two different aspects of marketing, both can and should work in conjunction.


It would be fair to say that blogging is more of an intellectual journey while social media is more pertinent to the FMCG industry. While there are many factors that should be looked into when it comes to blogging remember that facilities like having an intuitive commenting platform or comment box is crucial for the right degree of engagement.


While social media is of great importance, it should be noted that blogging and search engine optimization is a different topic altogether. For the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to the topic of blogging and how to generate engagement in this particular space. One obvious factor that you need to consider is page load speed. The longer a user has to wait for a blog to load, the more chances of him or her leaving the site for good.


Remember that the whole aspect of user experience matters a lot. Consider for instance to use certain fonts, font sizes and even font colors. It all needs to blend in perfectly with the design from an overall perspective. It is this that makes your site or blog stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Remember that if you have a high bounce rate, which is 70%+, Google won’t like your website, since it’s obvious that your visitors don’t like your website either. Additionally, busy websites are pointless. If your website is stuffed with 30 sidebar widgets, maintains 60 different plugins, and has a terrible theme, its bounce rate won’t be all too pleasing.


It goes without saying that excellent content should be the cornerstone of your blog, and it often begins with an outline. Creating a succinct, non-extensive outline is the perfect way to structure both your content well, and write your blog post quicker.


On a final note, remember that convenience and ease of use are very necessary. This is why it is best that you choose easy navigation. This matters a lot. Your users want to know where to go very easily. It’s something that you need to put some serious thought to.

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