List of best catholic gifts for all occasions

Are you planning to gift your loved ones on a special occasion? What have you planned? Sometimes it brings great confusion to mind. We are unable to decide on a special and unique gift for our friends and colleagues on any occasion. It is a very time consuming and overwhelming task. Even if we are planning in advance, we still face a shortage of time to plan a perfect gift.


This is because there are varieties of options available to present to make their day special. When numerous options are available, it makes it hard to choose one. Sometimes we plan to gift some usable item, or on the other hand, we think to gift the recipient a particular item which he or she treasures for years to come. Why not we think to gift something that will encourage faith and religious believes in a person. It is the best gift option to send them blessings for healthy and fruitful living.


There are seven Catholic Gifts for the Holy Spirit, which gives essential life lessons to the docile to obey divine inspirations. Let’s study them in detail-


Gift of Wisdom


Wisdom is the first and foremost gift of the Holy Spirit. It allows us to understand and think from God’s point of view. It makes them think that all happenings are preplanned by god for our welfare. It helps its person to recognize the truth and attain the perfection of faith.


Gift of Understanding


The gift of understanding allows a person to understand and believe the catholic faith. It includes understanding the scribbles and scriptures deeply and grasps it in mind.


Gift of Counsel 


It is a gift of right judgment. This gift allows a person to find the difference between the good and evil sides of any perspective. It allows a person to believe and follow his intuition and act accordingly in a supernatural way.


Gift of Fortitude 


The next gift after counsel is the gift of fortitude. It means a gift of courage. It allows a person to stand for good against evil without any fear. A person doesn’t get frightened when the situation arises to stand for God and his truths.


Gift of Knowledge


The gift of knowledge allows a person to understand god’s plan for him better. It allows a person to understand the purpose God has for him and take action to live upto this meaning. It is not similar to the gift of wisdom because wisdom faith allows a person to desire to live upto the ways of God, but this also includes action, not only believing.


Gift of Piety


It allows a person to understand that worshiping God is not one duty, but it is done out of love and belief. A person with piety’s gift does his actions to show true love and respect towards God, not just to fulfill his obligation.


Gift of Fear of the lord


The one who understands the fear of the lord serve god by understanding the awesomeness and greatness of God. A person who understands the gift of fear of the lord is dependent on God as a child depends on his parents. He believes him totally in all the circumstances and understands the reason for all happenings from god point of view.


These are the seven Catholic Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each gift hides an important inspirational message in it. These messages make the docile faithful and obey the divine for what he is.


Let’s understand different Catholic Gifts items to be presented on different occasions. These gifts are unique gifts about which the recipient doesn’t even think of. As these gifts carry a spiritual message in it, it offers value to the person and its beliefs. There are numerous items to be included in the list of religious gifts. Let’s discuss some of the Catholic Gifts you can give to your catholic friend or colleagues on their special occasion.


Jerusalem stone


It is the best gift which you can gift to your loved ones on any special occasion. It is a stone used in buildings since ancient times, so it comes in a unique and antique category. It can be sculptured in the form of a crucifix or an angel, or the Ten Commandments. The other way to make it a memorable gift is to inscribe a special message on it, or you may inscribe heartwarming wishes on the stone to give them blessings and good luck for their big day. You can present this gift on occasions like weddings, retirement events, and many others.


Religious statues


Religious statues can be made out of wood, glass, crystal, stone, or porcelain, etc. we can present the statue of the saints, Madonna, Mother Mary. The main thing we should consider when choosing a religious statue for our near ones is the belief of that person. You may find the statues in different sizes and shapes; the cost of the article usually depends on the size you choose to buy. Different statues show various events and scenes in the bible.


Games or toys


If you plan to buy a gift for a child, then there is nothing better option than toys and games. Children love to play with toys, and when you gift them a new toy or game, it fills them with new excitement and enthusiasm. The toys and games also help in teaching children about catholic faiths. There are a thousand types of gift toys available in the market. If you are looking to buy a gift for younger children, you can purchase board games, bears, and guardian angel bears. All such toys help a parent to teach the lessons of the bible to their children.


Final thought


This article provides you complete information on the seven gifts of the holy faith. This article also throws light on the importance of gifting Catholic Gifts to your loved ones. If you are confused about picking the right gift, this article helps you choose a perfect gift according to different occasions and surprise your friends or colleagues.