Loba Apex R34 (The Apex Legend Guide)

The Apex Legend Guide

While Apex Legends is a fast-paced, aggressive battle royale game, you won’t be able to fight without guns and ammo. Check out loba apex r34 if you want a lot of loot and a dose of situational awareness for you and your team.

The stylish and loot-hungry Loba may not bring offensive abilities to the table, but she can be a valuable addition to any team composition. In addition to her extraordinary ability to track and find purple items, her ultimate ability allows her to open a shop for quick and easy access to all nearby items. Here are some tips and information on how to make the most of this team-focused legend.

Loot-Focused Abilities

You won’t have much luck with Loba if your goal is to add the offensive ability to your squad. Her main role is to be a loot scout and a mobile item shop, so she is extremely helpful for staying stocked up, especially in sticky situations when extra ammo or healing items are needed.

When she throws it, she teleports to her bracelet, which is Burglar’s Best Friend, her tactical ability. The teleportation can be activated early, or it can be left to teleport you when it reaches its maximum distance automatically.

She is essentially the perfect loot scout. She can see purple items through obstacles, which includes nearby loot bins, such that she is always on the lookout for the best loot. Even from a distance and through the same obstacles, she can ping those items to others.

The Black-Market Boutique’s ultimate ability allows her team members to acquire up to two nearby items and unlimited ammunition instantly. A range of 112.5 meters covers a fair amount of ground and can be used for restocking while also keeping enemy teams from Getting Important Items.

You Should Use Your Tactical to Escape or Reposition

Even though teleportation seems like a great tool for aggression, Loba’s bracelet can be used more as a means of escape. There is a delay when Loba places the bracelet back on her wrist after the teleport ends, so she can’t use it to push groups or chase a lone enemy. Since you are not able to fight back during this time, you are an easy target in close quarters, so be careful when using the tactical ability in this way.

Put an obstacle between you and any enemies that are chasing you by using her bracelet when you can. You will want to take advantage of every advantage in your bracelet’s positioning since you lack much offensive capability.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The loot scout Loba can see purple items through walls and supply bins. You may be able to see something, but that doesn’t mean you’re the only person who needs it, let alone the best member of your squad to use it. If you decide to play as this queen of loot, you’ll be able to help your team suit up, too, so that they can be the best they can be. You can ping those attachments, body armors, and Phoenix kits for them so that they can locate what they need more easily.

Use Your Passive as A Scouting Tool

You can see the location of purple items within 112.5 meters of your location, so make mental notes of where important pieces of gear are located, especially if other squads are nearby. Although it will not provide the level of insight found in a true recon character like Bloodhound or Seer, it gives you some basic clues about where your opponents are.

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