Magisk : How To Root Any Phone Best Way

In this article ,we will learn  how to root any device via Magisk. Before going to see you need to know, What is root? Decide Root is Good or Bad from here.

What is Magisk?

From the last few years you have probably heard the word “Magisk” a lot.It is a new utility for customizing your android device developed by xda member. It is the system less root method.As I have already told it modifies and its modifications are stored safely in boot partition instead of modifying system file so it is called system less root.Since the original system files remains unchanged,modifications are undetected by Google Saftey Net.For knowing furthermore about it you can search it in google. It is an alternative app for Super Su or Super user .

What you will need?

For installing ,you need following things:

1.A device running Android 5.0+.

2.Custom Recovery.(We will use TWRP in this guide ,If you have not installed TWRP see how to install it from here.

3. Magisk zip file

4. Magisk manager app

Lets Gather Needed File

First of all,you need to install TWRP ,for installing it I have given link above.Now you need to download magisk zip file.You can download it from official site xda from here. Or simply you can search in google like Magisk for (your device name ) xda and open first site of xda. Do not forget to put xda.

Second you need is magisk manger app.Download it from here.

What To DO?

Here I consider you have sucessfully installed TWRP in your device.If not I have given link below.

Step 1:Open TWRP Recovery.

Step 2 :Then press Install and choose magisk manger zip file that you have already downloaded.Swipe to Install and reboot your device.

Up to here you have successfully installed magisk framework in your device.

Step 3:So to manage framework you need magisk manger app Install it.

The manger app allows you to adjust root frameworks,root permission access or deny to various apps and install modules.

Step 4: This is the last step .Finally you need to verify whether you have successfully installed or not.You will see bunch of green marks in the app.It means you have successfully rooted your device. Congrats.

If you have any problem regarding this then feel free to comment in comment section.We are always ready to help you.

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