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What might be more relaxing than having a responsible and qualified team for a project! It’s like you’re chilling and the job is getting done in the perfect way.

Does the issues below sound like your previous experience?

– “Once I’ve hired freelance developers and various outsourcers to work on my project, but I’ve faced with a problem that they’re trying to get more finances, but not taking full responsibility for the successful result”.

– “Paperwork and introductory meetings with a Team of my previous vendor have taken weeks before the process of development started”.

– “I have a product in the fintech field, but usually vendors have no experience with it. It is a bit stressful to find out that I made a mistake with the team for the project, since it concerns digital money and its safety”.

When our present clients got tired of bureaucracy, irresponsible employees and unilaterally developed contractors — they came to Magnise.

We started our company as three developers in 2005. We understand technical side and product requirements, as well as business needs. We’re always looking for the best technology for development requirements and really passionate to apply our best engineering practices to grow businesses.

Here what Magnise ready to help you with:

– Dedicated Team. You can choose who is needed for your project: Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, QA Testers, UI/UX Designers, Marketing Specialists.

We can start ASAP and if you have issues with Technical part of Development, our Project Managers here to assist you. Grab your custom software development services now.

Find out what you can get with Dedicated Team from Magnise

– MVP Development. We develop an MVP which becomes the foundation for the following developments, we give you ready-made code and prepare everything in a way when you can make it cooler with any command, and flexible for changes. We’re testing in in each step, getting feedback from users, test its viability in the market.

We make high quality MVP when you can update the product, just like big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter did many years ago. Our MVP is:

◽️ flexible for changes

◽️ ready-to-use

◽️ helping you to enter the market ( at least 3 months)

◽️ we make it possible to get first income from your product in few months

More about MVP Development

With Magnise you can get: 

–  Tech team augmentation (only with middle/senior)

– Custom Software Development (we already have customizable decisions)

– FinTech, Trading & Blockchain Software Development (and we know perfectly how to keep your money safe)

– Enterprise Software, ERP, CRM Software Development

– Mobile App Development

– IoT Development

– Big Data & BI

– Web Development

– Cloud & DevOps Services

That’s what we already worked with, but it’s always an interesting challenge to develop things we didn’t do before.

Get in touch and let’s discuss what can be done for your business.

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