Make Better Impression With These Five Stylish Big Brim Fedora Hats

If you need a stylish new hat, one that will keep you shaded and your head cool, then there are a few hats as practical and fashionable as big brim fedoras. These are hats that have been a part of our culture for decades, and they never go out of style. While the wide brim offers excellent protection against the sun, the style and design of these hats gather your appreciation.

Big brim fedora hats have more demand in places where the temperature is generally higher. People in hot regions use these hats to protect their faces against sunlight and flaunt their beach-style looks. If you are in the market for good quality big brim fedora hats, you can try these five stylish big brim fedora hats. However, with so many different styles in big brim fedora hats, one can easily get confused while finding a good one.

1. Men’s Bondi Felt Fedora with Wide Brim
The Bondi Felt Fedora with Wide brim is a lightweight, trendy hat. It has a classic look and is specially made for men who have a broad face. The hat’s crown is firm with natural wool, and its brim itself extends to 3.5 inches. This sand-colored fedora hat can go with almost any outfit, be it formal or casual wear. Even if you have an oval face, you can use this hat. The color of the outer skin of the fedora can be easily maintained and cleaned using water alone without any special soap or gels. In addition, this men’s big brim fedora is renowned for its quality leather band.

Key Features
• Firm and solid firm design
• The wide brim of 3″ and impressive crown length of 4″
• Lightweight to give comfort while wearing
• Sweat-resistant design

2. Men’s Jawa Wide Brim Felt Fedora
The Jawa Wide brim Felt Fedora hat is an exquisite example of class and tradition. It has a classic look with a hint of modernism. The colors of the hat are neutral, and so is the design, which makes it versatile in terms of use. The crown length of this fedora hat is 4″ while its widest point measures 3″. This big brim fedora hat comes with a quality leather band that retains shape despite constant wear. It also has a quality wide brim to protect the wearer from harsh weather conditions.

Key Features
• Brim length of around 3 1/2″ and broad crown of 5.”
• The sweatband is sewn inside the hat.
• Extra-light featherweight design for additional comfort
• Rancher style hats for great looks

3. Men’s Clasico Panama Fedora
It has a broad brim of 4 inches and an extra-large crown length of 5″. Its classic design makes it suitable for both young and old men. The Clasico Panama Fedora is a fantastic hat for business and casual wear. The crown is made of premium wool with a leather band and sweatband, which keeps the hat from getting damaged despite constant wear. In addition, this fedora hat has an open weave that gives it an airy look. However, this design can make the wearer feel as if they’re wearing nothing at all.

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Key Features
• The wide brim of 4″ and broad crown of 5″
• Premium wool and leather band for durability
• Padded on the inside for comfort

4. Men’s Aspen Wide Brim Felt Fedora
The Aspen Wide brim Felt Fedora hat comes with a classic look, with a modern twist. This wide brim fedora comes in gray and black colors, both of which have a different texture on the outer skin of the hat. The crown is made of natural wool and has a leather band that ensures the quality of the hat doesn’t diminish despite constant use. The brim itself measures 4″ and the crown at 4.5″. This fedora hat will make you stand out on the beach, in town, or even in church.

Key Features
• The quality wide brim of 4″ and solid crown with leather band
• Sweatband and oak leaf design on the crown is stylish

5. Men’s Namakase Texas Style Felt Fedora
When you need a hat that can withstand harsh weather conditions, this Texan Style fedora will surely come in handy. This hat has a dark brown outer skin that has a natural look. The brim is wide and measures 3 1/2 inches. In addition, this fedora hat comes with a quality featherweight design to comfortable for prolonged wear.

Key Features
• The wide brim of 3 1/2″ and stylish brim design
• It comes in different colors for you to choose from

Fashion is a very subjective thing. Every person has his or her fashion taste. While there are many different styles in big brim fedora hats, you can try these five options shared here. You can choose any of these hats among the ones listed above. However, make sure that you don’t buy any hat because it will do nothing for your style or personality.

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