Maytag washing machine won’t drain

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Has your Maytag washing machine suddenly stopped, or after you finish washing, is the drum full of soapy water with things floating in it? These are signs that the washing machine does not drain water. This must be fixed. Otherwise, you may need a washer repair in Brampton.

What happened to such essential household appliances? Both breakage and wrong mode selection are possible here.


If the water from the drum does not drain, you can try to identify the cause yourself. We will talk about the most common breakdowns or difficulties that can lead to a problem:

  • Many Maytag washers have a function – “stop without spinning.” It is used for delicate handling of things – without deformation and stretching. If you see that this mode is enabled, you must cancel the program and start draining the water;
  • Drain hose. The hose through which the water should drain is often twisted or bent. In such cases, the water simply cannot flow freely. The solution is simple – unwind or straighten the hose. Free up the passage for water;
  • The drain hose is most often connected to a public sewer. If there are difficulties with its patency, the water will not drain. Disconnect the hose and place it in the sink or bathroom. Did the water start draining? So it’s a blockage in the sewer. This is where a plumber can help.

The water in the washing machine does not drain – what to do?

The situation is much more serious if the program is chosen correctly, the sewer is clean, and the hose is in the correct position. Most likely, the machine will need repair.

What to do? It is recommended to disconnect power from the device, remove the laundry and perform emergency water drainage from the washing machine. The water can be drained through a special drain filter. Where exactly it is located, you can find it in the manual or on the Internet. The emergency drain is often located in a small hatch at the bottom of the device.

The reason the water does not drain can be an internal breakdown of the household appliance. To make an accurate diagnosis and repair the washing machine can only be a professional master. If your washing machine does not drain and hums, unplug it and call for Maytag washing machine repair in Brampton​!

It is highly recommended not to start repair work on your own, not having enough experience and the appropriate set of tools. It is better to trust specialists with experience. The master, who arrived on a call, will assess the seriousness of the breakage and offer to fix it at home.

TOP – 3 breakdowns, due to which water does not drain from the machine.

We described mechanical and simple reasons above. Now let’s talk about real problems – the failure of units or electronics:

  • Electronics problem. This includes damage to wiring, failure of microcircuits, and overheating. In this case, a complete diagnosis is necessary. You can perform it on the spot, and based on the results, a decision is made: repairing the washing machine at home or transporting it to a service center for troubleshooting.
  • The control module has failed. Such repair is possible only in the workshop. Diagnostics of the electronic board is carried out by a special device connected to a computer. Replacing the module is possible, but it’s not cheap.
  • The pump failed. The situation often occurs during the operation of a household appliance. The machine starts to hum; the water does not drain. The reason may be the wear of the pump. This problem most often occurs in equipment after 5-6 years of service.
  • Broken level indicator. Before draining the water, the machine’s internal computer receives a signal from the level indicator. If it is broken, the system does not receive information about the presence of water in the tank and does not drain the water.

Additional side effects can accompany all the breakdowns described. The machine may hum, crack and not open the door. In addition, the machine may not wring out the laundry. Such breakdowns are found in washing machines of any type: semi-automatic or automatic.

What to do if you can’t solve the problem of draining water on your own?

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, we recommend that you contact the Maytag washer repair company. The company employs competent specialists with extensive experience in the repair of equipment. The presence of diagnostic equipment and special tools allows you to perform diagnostic and repair tasks with high quality.

Only high-quality and proven spare parts from manufacturers are used during maintenance and repair. Contacting a specialist is much cheaper than buying a new machine. There was a breakdown – call the aplliance repair masters!