Modern Home Furniture Trends in 2021

Home Furniture Trends

It can be intimidating to design your entire home with the appearance that you will enjoy for long. Whether you are starting to create an interior design in a completely new house or redecorating the old one, it takes quite a lot of effort to come up with unique ideas, aesthetics and the overall look of each room that you have. And the most important part of all is the home furniture. Should the furniture be fancy or stylish, should it completely match with the colour palettes or be in contrast, what type of material to look for and most importantly how much comfort does each piece of furniture provide? 

The home furniture is indeed an integral part and just because deciding which ones you should get can be overwhelming, doesn’t mean getting the furniture has to be too. Purchasing it or taking the furniture on rent, there are many options available in the market and we are here help to help you with everything that you need to know!

Let’s start with the things that will help you eliminate the confusion around the type of furniture designs to go with and how to make your entire home look modern, trendy yet extremely warm and comfortable. How about we start with the basics and move onto the home furniture trends this year? Read on!

With the basic interior design principles, you can easily transform your home into a pleasing and comfortable little space for yourself, where you can be happy, impress your visitors and spend quality time. The first thing you need to do is find the focal point in your house or any particular room and arrange your furniture around it. You need to find the rhythm with similar things or patterns or colours like in rugs, artwork, pillows etc. and make sure each element added to the place or the room is unified to provide you with a harmonious look – the right sized furniture, a double bed, dining chairs or table, a sofa, a rug, a bedside table – it can be anything at all that you would want to add to your space!

Keeping these things in mind and what’s going on around the markets, we have made a list of modern home furniture trends 2021, that you should consider while decorating your home!

6 Popular Home Furniture Trends in 2021!

It is always fun to spot a new trend and go with it to get the amazing feeling of trying something fresh and impressive. And when it comes to furniture, the trends change every year. New designs come out, out of which some make it to the big magazines, some get famous on the internet and some are just the word of mouth. Whatever it is, with this year coming to an end, we have trusted our team to come up with the best home furniture trends that are going to make an impression even next year. Take a look!

  • Antique, Vintage or Traditional FurnishingsHome Furniture Trends

You must have heard the phrase, “old is gold”. Well, it actually holds true in this matter as well. Old furniture pieces not only look extremely pleasing, but they are also an easy way to integrate sustainable products into the home. They add a unique touch, give the place sort of a royal yet chic look and despite being old fashioned or vintage, they give an eternally fresh feel around the house, making the place more homely and personal.
Experts say that consumers will definitely take note of this in the year ahead. In fact, as per research, the sales of vintage and antique home furniture pieces have increased by at least 35% in the last year. This uptick clearly reflects the changing attitudes of the customers, which also shows that they are becoming more mindful towards the environment and the impact of their consumption or daily lives on the environment. Vintage furniture curbs this impact as it is more friendly. These unique pieces might be a little hard to find in the markets, but you can always browse the internet or rent furniture for however long you decide to go with the old-style look.

This trend includes classic furniture shapes – the classic solid brown wooden furniture. Moreover, if you are into contemporary settings, a piece of antique wooden furniture will only add more value to your space, both in looks, appearance and the feel.


  • Let the Imagination Flow – Playful, Postmodern Furniture Designs
    Interior designers are increasingly and actively incorporating playful, imaginative furniture designs into their projects. This trend is a style of art which is both complex and perfectly simple, where the furniture is inspired by nostalgic memories, pop culture, books, art, food and much more. The chairs, bed, tables etc. do not need to be picture perfect or perfectly shaped, geometric and colourless. In fact, it is contrary to the traditional furniture and you get to explore the artistically coloured, out of proportion furniture designs which add a unique sense to your home.
    These nostalgic, childlike home furniture pieces are an escape to better times, they refer to everyday forms and are also quite functional. Get creative and throw in some coloured / contrast chairs with a trendy table or get a collectible from a market as your bedside table because this trend is here to stay! Or you may add some colorful table and chair covers to brighten the look.
  • Like Inviting People Over? Add Barstools!Home Furniture Trends

Gone are the days when people kept barstools for only kitchens or find some of the best selling water purifiers watering holes waterdrop filter review. There has been a huge change in consumer behaviour and furniture trend where people are increasingly liking what barstools can actually do or how they can help them. Want to see them do the job? Well, barstools are more than what they are given credit for. They are not only a stylish piece of furniture but are a perfect fit for any size of type of place and add extra seating to space. People can just pull up a barstool, get the work done, sip a coffee and move on.
You’d love them especially if you’re big on hosting parties or inviting people over for a gathering and spend some time with your friends or close ones – a barstool comes in handy because it is very versatile!


  • Have a Small Space? Add Multifunctional Furniture!Home Furniture Trends

Let’s face the facts! With time, we are running out of space for homes. Industrialization and the growing urbanization have left us with cramped spaces. But how can you make the most of the home space you have got? It’s simple – with multifunctional home furniture. From studio apartments to small dorm rooms, small living areas can force creativity out of you when it comes to furniture arrangements. With multifunctional furniture, you get more utility and don’t have to fill every inch of your rooms with furniture.
This includes loft bed with workspace, nightstand or bedside table and desk, storage ottomans and more. I mean, how about a sofa that rolls out to be a double bed? Space saving innovative designs are the new trend and these designs are here for a long haul.

  • Break out of Traditional Furniture and Get Curvy Home Furniture!Home Furniture Trends

Still looking for rectangular beds or sofas? Snap out of it because curves are in trend. Swap out the big, boxy sofa and chairs for a nice L-shaped, curvy sectionals or circular club chairs. Curvy home furniture has a great balance of modern and feminine which fits perfectly with other interior designs and blends. This ned trend isn’t just aesthetic but the study shows that curvy furniture is more relaxing as well. Curvy furniture even pairs well with more geometrical designs and the contrasts can create a unique and interesting space. You can always mix and match, pair the curvy chairs or a curvy sofa with geometric wallpaper or a rug.


  • Contemporary FurnitureHome Furniture Trends

The contemporary furniture style portrays the theme which depends on “living the moment”. It’s a combination of the advanced and modern take on life where the furniture is shaped and styled with smooth shapes and bent lines. The trend involves solid structured furniture with a monochronic palette and abstract add-ons. You can match the brown coloured dining furniture with a dark rug – a big wooden table with classic brown chairs.
Or you can choose to go all black – bold, dark and mysterious look for your space which adds a defining touch.


The correct furniture improves your home’s aesthetics on many levels. It adds to the overall décor, appearance and the feel of your home interiors. And you know what is the best part? You don’t have to limit yourself to any one kind of furniture in each room. Each individual room can have different styles of furniture and look. Why settle for the overused trends when you can transcend your boundaries and explore.


Haven’t Had Enough? Here Are Some Extra Home Furniture Tips!

Besides the above-mentioned trends, there are many more experimental home-furniture trends that you can try. Be bold and try different styles to see what suits your style and provides you comfort.

  • Go bold with your choice of furniture colours. Make a statement with high contrast patterns and let the colours speak for you. Have your furniture contrasted to your walls but make sure both complement each other.
  • Add a metallic touch with metal décor and watch the magic happen. Experiment with gold, brass, silver and add furniture with a metallic finish for the minimalist in you.


Every single piece of furniture that you bring into your home, every design that you implement into your home is going to uplift and elevate its appearance. It is not just about adding a piece of woodwork, it is about making a statement, materializing your own style and reflect your taste. So, it is all up to you how you want to decorate your home. Whether its simple bedroom with a basic double bed, a side table, and storage furniture or fancy ones or the traditional/vintage furniture, it all depends on your taste.

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