Most Common Microsoft Project Alternatives

Microsoft Project is known as one of the best project management software to help project managers plan, allocate resources, review progress, manage budgets and analyze effort.

While the popularity is still on the decline, Microsoft Project’s alternative software has many great features. So we’ve listed some great tools that are worthy of being called Microsoft Project alternative.

Microsoft Project alternative

Proof Hub

Proof Hub is an all-in-one design control software with a myriad of powerful features. This MS Project alternative brings everyone from team members to customers to projects in one place. In Proof Hub, you can create tasks, assign them to multiple team members, and track project progress. The excellent markup tools make it easy to see and share feedback quickly.


The Proof Hub is highly versatile with features such as Gantt Chart, Online Discussions, Notes, and Reports. These traits aid you stay at the peak of your projects and enable seamless collaboration with colleagues and colleagues. In addition, mobile apps are available for Android and iOS users.


Workzone is a powerful, easy-to-use project management software that provides a project dashboard and portfolio view to supply you with a comprehensive look at all your projects. As an alternative to MS Project, Workzone provides powerful features designed to work well across teams, even for people without a background in project management.


While the advanced features of Microsoft Project are intended for formal and trained project management professionals, the Workzone feature set is designed to be quickly adopted by the entire team. Workzone has a five-star customer service rating from users.


Scoro is an end-to-end company executive clarification for professional and productive co-operations that supports you in streamlining work and eliminate routine tasks. Key features of Microsoft include job scheduling, invoice creation, time tracking, and project management. This cloud-based software also allows you to add tasks, link to clients, and give users different levels.


Scoro is known for its budgetary control and invoice creation capabilities. The ability to manage and synchronize multiple calendars in one interface brings structure to your work. In addition, it can easily integrate with applications such as MailChimp, Dropbox, and Outlook.


ActiveCollab is an effective project management tool that facilitates collaboration and teamwork and is an ideal alternative to Microsoft Project. It carries all your data collectively in one spot, delivering it easy for all team members to access and communicate with each other. With the help of cloud technology, ActiveCollab has managed work, recorded time, and issued invoices very smartly.


ActiveCollab runs in the cloud-like most significant application now, although you can also connect it to your system. That’s why it’s a great alternative to Microsoft. That’s why more than 200,000 teams trust it.

Teamwork Project

As the name suggests, it is specifically designed to enable collaboration and teamwork between team members who collaborate. As an alternative to MS Project, Teamwork Projects is the world’s leading project management and productivity tool, enabling organizations to get things done. You can define tasks for your project, assign them to people, and review task progress.


Critical features of Teamwork Projects include task lists, time tracking, file uploads, and messages. In addition to being compatible with web, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Project has many features needed for project management, but it is not a perfect tool. There are many reasons why people using Microsoft Project are looking for software to replace it. The market has a lot of great software solutions to replace Microsoft Project because of its Steep learning curve, poor team communication,lack of integration, high Price, and hard Share Data.