Top 10+ Moving Toon Websites you can read webtoon manhwa in 2021

 Appearing in the United States since 2019, moving toon has been noticed by artists and popular audiences.

 In December 2020, Manycomic released two moving toon sets “Diary of the Survivor” and “My Stepmom” based on the Toomics manga of the same name.  With interesting fantasy content, two moving toon sets are impressive when broadcast via Manycomic apps and YouTube. “Survivor’s Diary” has 15 episodes, “My Stepmom” has 35 episodes.  Views range from hundreds of thousands to 5 million views per episode via YouTube.

 “If an artist has a compelling story plus a new form of expression like moving toon, the public will be ready to accept it,” said Manycomic’s Alex Max.

 Moving toon – creating opportunities for new creative content for webtoon manhwa and manga or manhua.

 Manycomic introduces moving toon as “lazy reading” comic.  To produce moving toon, Manycomic buys original webtoon manhwa comics from freelance artists or content creators partners and sometimes from a comic book production company.  Unlike cartoons (anime), moving toon reuses all original comic images and frames, adding only effects and sounds.  In particular, when making an animation, the artist must redraw the entire work.


 With the moving toon, Manycomic’s implementation team thinks that it is on the right track with a positive number of views.  Not only that, according to Manycomic application, reading of original stories “Diary of the survivor” and “My Stepmom” increased proportionally with moving toon views.

 Earlier this year, Manycomic bought the rights to 30 original manhwa webtoon works to develop future products.

 “The moving toon concept is still very new in the international market, just emerging in Korea – Alex Max told Techcrunch – Moving toon is a product of the OSMU innovation strategy based on the hit products of webtoon, manhwa.  , light novels, web novels and manga (One Source Multi Use – a source of many products) are being targeted by entertainment companies around the world ”.


 With only one line of original content products, manga, including manga, webtoon, manhwa or manhua, the company can be transformed into animated content, live-action movies, animation with low cost of adaptation.  As a result, Manycomic said moving toon production costs are “not too expensive” but not taking into account the profitability.  According to Alex Max, Manycomic’s desire is to “create opportunities for creative content, especially new types of entertainment such as games such as ben 10 games, spiderman games, batman games, sonic games, mario games.  Large companies can be made into moving toon films and reach customers and users worldwide.


 Top 10+ Best websites you can watch webtoon manhwa moving toon for free 2021.


 1 – Webtoon Naver

 2 – Many Comic

 3 – Manytoon Comics

 4 –

 5 –

 6 – Toptoon comics

 7 – Net Comics

 8 –

 9 –