NearbyMovers Review: Best Pool Table Moving Company Near Me


When moving a valuable piece of furniture you need extra care and exceptional skill. The majority of people don’t know how to skillfully dismantle furniture while they plan to move and end up damaging it. Shifting a gigantic piece of furniture like a pool table can be quite a challenge and prove to be tedious either for a local move or around the world. 

It’s preferred to rely on experienced people and a reliable moving service to handle the whole process and NearbyMovers is the ideal choice for it. This service connects you to a list of trustworthy and expert movers near you. 

You can do this without having to scrape the internet to find a company that best fits your requirement. NearbyMovers has various services which are quickly becoming a necessity for many people worldwide as it saves a lot of time and gets the work done by experts. 

To dig into more detail on how you can find the best movers near you to move your pool table through NearbyMovers, keep reading. 

Overview of NearbyMovers

A quick and trustworthy service that connects you to premium movers in your vicinity without having to search for long hours is NearbyMovers. This platform works as an intermediate between moving companies and customers, letting them associate and negotiate efficiently. 

Their quick booking process and zero upfront fees make them one of the best services in the market for furniture, appliances, vehicles, and house moving. For a pool table, you cannot DIY the whole process because the table itself is heavy and you can end up injuring yourself or breaking the table. 

The NearbyMovers come into play here, as they contain the equipment, skills, and trained labor to help you out with the whole process. At desired rates, they aid in dismantling, wrapping, carefully handling, and placing the pool table wherever you want without having to use your elbow grease. 

To offer you top-of-the-line moving companies in the US, NearbyMovers specialists with careful research pick out the most reliable options. They consider distance, coverage and claims, schedules, etc for your convenience. 

Now all you have to do is pick up your phone and through NeabyMovers, search for the best pool moving company near me and you will get a list of movers available with quick quotes effectively. 

Why Choose NearbyMovers for Moving Pool Table?

The market is brimming with options and possibilities for moving companies but are they reliable enough to trust with your belongings and not waste your time and money? 

Well to answer this and for your, convenience NearbyMovers has some evident factors that make it top-tier. These factors are mentioned below. 


According to your preference, this service connects you to the moving company that suits your needs. The trained labor provided by NearbyMovers is professional and saves you a lot of time as they are experienced in packing and hauling things. 

You do not have to spend time worrying or overlooking the process which makes it an efficient service. 

Quick Booking Process 

This platform offers an easy two-step booking process. To move your pool table you do not have to type or let the movers know all the details to get quotes. 

You just mention location, distance, and type of move to get easy quotes and you can choose the best one accordingly. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The process of using the service is not complicated. It has a simple interface with no overlapping images that can be distracting and hard to maneuver. 

The user just has to input the necessary information to get desired output. 

Dependable Movers 

This platform filters out low-quality movers with low customer ratings and only helps you connect to expert-level moving companies. They eliminate the factor of being dubious and unreliable and self-sufficiently pick out high-level professionals near you. 

NearbyMovers offers a list of some of the best pool table moving and truck rental companies at your service. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Pool Table Moving Service Through NearbyMovers

Transferring a pool table locally or otherwise can be a feat that requires a lot of brainstorming and drudgery. But getting it professionally done can be a lot less troublesome. 

To help you in using this service we have created a step-by-step guide on how to use the pool table moving service through NearbyMovers. 

  • The first step involves searching for the ‘NearbyMovers’ website using a phone or a laptop browser. 
  • Once you open the website, you can navigate to the right toggle and select the ‘pool table moving’ option. 
  • This opens a window that will help you find the ‘Best Pool Table Movers near you’. 
  • On the top, you can see two search bars in which you have to correctly place the location from which you are moving your pool table and the location in which you want it moved in. 
  • Make sure that the spellings and characters are correctly placed. After that, you can click on the ‘Get A Quote’ option.
  • This will take a few moments and then open a list of the best pool table moving companies with their prices mentioned below. 
  • You can scan the report provided and choose the service that best fits your budget and area. 
  • Apart from this, you can also call the number mentioned on the webpage to talk to a representative that will guide you easily or answer your queries. 

Prominent Services Offered by NearbyMovers

Apart from pool table moving, NearbyMovers offers other prominent services which you can make use of. They are mentioned below. 

Truck Rental 

This platform helps you connect to some of the best truck rental companies through easy search. If you want to get expert drivers to shift your belongings interstate or locally then from the top 6 truck rental companies you can choose the size of the truck and labor required easily. 

They offer licensed drivers who can quickly transfer your valuables with reliability.

Moving Cost Calculator 

Another major service this platform provides is a moving cost calculator. It is sometimes hard to get an estimate on the whole moving process and can leave your pockets dry. 

To save your budget from getting imbalanced, the moving cost calculator can be useful. You can input the distance and the scale of the move and you will get a precise estimate of the entire cost of the move within no time. 

Pool Table Moving 

Not a lot of companies provide services for larger objects to move without major damage. With the help of claims, insurance, and experienced professionals that know how to carefully deconstruct and wrap a pool table you can now move it without getting maimed or stressed.  

Fragile pieces of furniture are hard to transfer as they require properly sized vehicles for transport and expert labor to bring and assemble them post-move as well. 


Getting a pool table moved without hassle is a task you shouldn’t attempt on your own. NearbyMovers offers you with their efficient service and the best movers for pool table shifting. They have skilled professionals that know about the parts dismantling and assembly and do not let their pieces go missing. 

It is a quick and reliable platform that helps you connect to top-tier movers in the market. We hope this review helps your figure out how to hire help to move your pool table through NearbyMovers and apply it to run the whole process in a smooth way.