NetBase Quid shaping business using emerging trends

NetBase Quid shaping business using emerging trends

The advancement of smart technology and other innovations is leading to great transformation in business technology. Emerging trends in recording business data analysis and extracting have changed in a big way. This has made apparent the ability of technology to shape businesses and boost business analytics. The following are some of the ways NetBase Quid is using emerging trends to shape businesses.

Business analytics

This is an emerging technological trend that is used to review the performance of a business. It aims at understanding a business better so as to contribute to the planning process. Based on statistics, NetBase Quid focuses on coming up with new insight and exploring the performance of a business through market intelligence. With the use of emerging trends in business analytics, businesses can get effective insights to thrive.

Influencer marketing

With the growth in technology, there are very many influencers on social media today. Influencers thrive through influencer marketing and creation of content. Companies use influencers for mentions as these are people with a committed following on social media. The influencers are viewed as experts in their niche or area of interest and have a significant boost to a business through market intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

This is a technology used in business applications including natural language processing, data analytics and automation. Artificial intelligence streamlines the operations of a business by boosting its efficiency. Through data analytics, businesses get insights and that helps them improve. Through natural language processing, marketing intelligence, intellectual search engines and automation, it relieves repetitive tasks and enables visually impaired users to have better accessibility.

Programmatic advertising

This is a form of automation advertising for buying and selling of ad inventories using bidding system immediately. Through programmatic advertising, agencies can buy ad impressions through an app or publisher site very quickly, in seconds. This happens via a digital ecosystem.

Social video marketing

This is a tool used for digital marketing and it has audiovisual images that help in brand marketing. Social video marketing entails addition of various videos to a content marketing plan. Its main aim is to come up with video content that can be shared for it to be optimized to all social networks.


This is a form of advertising that uses data points to offer a business effective insight on a particular customer as a way of increasing the relevance of an ad. Insights offered include the customer’s demographics, interests and behavioral patterns.

Expanded data management

This emerging trend involves data collection, storage and its effective use to enable people and companies to gain from an organization. It is a big data and market intelligence trend and also a method of analysis that automates manual work. This helps in boosting customers that have small specific roles to utilized acquired information in their decision making process.

Data quality management

Thanks to business intelligence, marketing has really changed. Data, for instance, has taken over and today, the cloud is more accessible to businesses while spreadsheets need time for insights on data visualizations. Data products have become more available because of emerging trends in data analytics.

Smart speakers

Voice assistants have helped to boost the customer service sector and businesses. There is high demand for smart speakers today and this has affected entities that depend on voice search.

SEO for content marketing

To achieve proper SEO content marketing, you need competitive content. This entails creation of appropriate content for the potential market as you target that they will become loyal customers. Boost your SEO through blogging, image submissions and other ways that market your content.

Through modern technology and trends, it is easy for businesses to connect and thrive. Trends vary depending on the type of business. However, there is surely an effective trend for each business.