Network Monitoring and Testing Solution Tips

network monitoringnetwork monitoring

In today’s world, every business needs a high-performing network to support its day-to-day operations. If employees stop working right at the close of office hours because of a security threat, it can be problematic for the workplace. In such situations, monitoring the network can be one of the best solutions to ensure that everything is going well.

Many companies use network monitoring solutions to manually track all servers, threats, switches, routers, and blades. But using the right network monitoring and testing solution for your business can be an overwhelming task as there are relatively new challenges in the business environment.

Here in the article, we have provided a definitive guide and outlined some tips for implementing effective network monitoring and testing strategies to keep your business safe and running.

What is a network monitoring solution?

network monitoring
network monitoring

The network monitoring and testing solution means it analyses overall health and any changes that might indicate a problem. It also collects performance-related data like network delays, performance bottlenecks, down servers, packet loss, etc. It can also be found by performing an application performance test.

All network monitoring solutions tend to contain basic functionality:

  • Discovery
  • Monitoring
  • Mapping
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Alert and corrective actions

Network Monitoring and Testing Solution Tips

  • Understand what you are working with.

If you want to manage your business environment effectively, in that case, you need to have a detailed understanding of the devices – routers, switches, servers, security, and other IP devices that make up your network. Even if your devices have manual processes, you need to keep an up-to-date inventory of everything you manage.

Likewise, it is essential to understand the behavior of the users of your network which will help the network administrator understand normal and set threshold values ​​for alerts when network activity exceeds this defined profile.

  • Choose the right points on the network to monitor.

It is not necessary to monitor every point on the network. Instead, choose points where the data converge. If you are new to setting up tools for monitoring network traffic, you can start by monitoring your Internet gateways. It can be a great source of security and operational data. 

  • Sometimes real-time data is not enough.

The ability to monitor network movement in real-time is sufficient to achieve many network traffic monitoring goals, but real-time data is sometimes insufficient. Suppose you want to examine past events, compare current system activities with the past week, or recognize trends. In that case, it is best to use network traffic monitoring tools with deep packet inspection. 

  • Monitor all your layers.

It is important to use a monitoring system that supports multiple technologies to monitor at all layers. Only then can you understand whether your performance issues are network, server, routing, bandwidth issue, software, or hardware malfunction.

Each network element contributes to data transfer functions at one of the layers, such as physical layer -cables, Network layer – IP addresses, transport layer – transport protocols, etc. It would help if you had complete clarity of the intact method for observing to operate efficiently.

  • Check packet streams and payloads for any questionable content.

Many networks have intrusion detection systems (IDS) at the edge, but very few have this type of internal traffic monitoring technology. All it takes is an unauthorized mobile or IoT device to compromise a network.

  • Ask for help.

network monitoring
network monitoring

You are not alone when using a network monitoring and testing tool. You can seek an online provider like CoverTel Telecommunications Group for network monitoring and testing solutions to continuously monitor network performance, including fiber monitoring, stress monitoring, constraints, and security oversight. 

They also provide the best asset management software solutions to identify, record and maintain and track deployed equipment. Besides, provide audit services. 

Even the best telecommunications networks require a level of preventative monitoring to ensure health and operation are always at peak availability. However, to get telecommunications network monitor solutions be blunt and ask them to review your setup before it fails, and you will find that it did not configure correctly.

Closing words

Network monitoring and the testing solution is an important way to monitor network availability and activity to identify irregularities, maximize performance and keep an eye for viruses or attacks. It is a central part of the perceptibility and protection examination needed to identify threats and improve them quickly.

However, with the right solution, you can add a security layer to your business and gain even more visibility into your environment and your users.

If you want to choose the network monitoring and testing solution for your telecommunication, make sure it has pre-written report templates, an automated network topology mapper, and proper alert mechanisms. Besides, it has Autodiscover functionality, statistics, and summary of network performance, and much more!

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