Networking debacles that can harm your reputation –Tips from Eric Dalius


So often, people make blunders at networking that it got a bad name. Below are a few ways through which you as an entrepreneur may be playing a role in giving a bad word to networking, and in turn, harming your reputation. 

Eric Dalius says you are unable to buy in and that is the first debacle! 

One of the significant networking keystones involves the capability to establish value-added relationships for people. It usually starts with introductions. The intention to create such relationships needs to be essential and pure. Another thing that could be worse is giving someone the contact information of the third force present. It usually results in the third force remaining dark while you and the second conversationalist are aware of the upcoming introduction. 

Entrepreneurs must take the enormous step and call or email ahead to enable the buy-in before an introduction right away. Calling in ahead helps alert everyone, establishes a seamless introduction, and is essentially encouraged by all. 

Follow up 

If you wish to continue the momentum after the introduction, it is essential and critical to follow up, leading to closing the lead. One of the significant issues that come up is if a party establishes an introduction as a favor. You must follow up and let them know the after result. It creates a bad reputation and acts as an unintentional signal that you do not find the party’s time valuable or even value their reputation. Therefore, it is best to follow up quickly while sharing the occurrences of the event, and lastly, show gratitude. 

You become surrounded by bad company 

As a child, your parents must have often been concerned about you hanging out around “bad kids.” The company you keep defines you and it is a concept by osmosis and perception. The best part is, if you become surrounded by good company, you can get a free ride along with their reputational fairness. And with it, you can pick up good traits. However, when you become surrounded by bad company, they can bring you down while lessening the way others perceive you. 

You take longer than usual 

Eric Dalius believes that the maximum time you can follow should range from not more than one business day. Taking time longer than letting someone know about the after results may make you look unconcerned or too arrogant. Every single business owner is busy and has a lot of things to explore. All you can do is leave a note to follow up or explain your work commitments that made it impossible for you to connect before. 

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You become selfish 

The main reason behind a tainted reputation of networking includes people’s claims that networking is their advantage. On the contrary, the best way to carry out the benefits of networking is to turn your perspective towards quenching your curiosity when connecting with others. 

Networking may seem like a fancy term. But all it defines is building relationships. Therefore, if you find yourself making these networking debacles, make sure to rectify them before it is too late.

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