No Android On Huawei ?

    Hey fellas! Welcome to . It’s time for today’s big news and it is No Android On Huawei . Yes, you heard it right. Huawei won’t be getting any of the Android related updates from google including Play Store and Google Apps. Well, Huawei already knew this may happen quite a while ago but, no one expected it to be this soon.

    So, according to latest news, United States government has banned all the United States companies to work with Huawei. We all know that US has banned sales of Huawei phones. Now, not only google but any of the US companies cannot work with Huawei unless US government tells them to do so.

    So, does that means there will be no Andriod on Huawei from now on?

     Well, Android is an open source project so, that won’t be the case but Huawei won’t be getting any Android versions developed by Google as well as apps from Google like Play Store, Play Music, Google Maps and so on.

    What about the Huawei phones people already own? The phones the people already own will have all the things they already have including the Google Apps. But it seems that they won’t be getting any future updates and maybe the security patches.

    Huawei already knew this would happen. So it was rumored that Huawei was developing a new Android based operating system quite a while ago. And now might be a good time to use it. There is also a question that is this ban on Huawei is temporary or it’s permanent. Well it’s on US to decide what it is. Also, How is China going to react to this news? This news might affect Apple, which is an American company. There has already been an anti iPhone moment in China quite a while ago regarding the issue of Huawei.

    So what do you guys think about this ban? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also follow our Facebook page for latest updates.

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