Odin Does Not Recognized Solution 100% Working


What is Odin?

Odin is the utility software mostly used by Samsung device.Lets look out what it can do?

1.Best tool to  flash binary root files like Super Su, Magisk  etc.

Know about rooting and it is good or bad from:

2.Used in flashing recovery images like CWM ,TWRP etc.

Know how to install TWRP in your device the best possible way from:

3.We can flash stock firmware of all most all Samsung devices.                                          4.We can flash kernel image too.                                                                                5.Can unbrick the bricked phones.

We pretty discussed about Odin and its uses.You can download it from its official website.Now lets come at the point.


After odin recognize your device

If you installed it and connect your device.It should show some sort of like this:                   Under the ID:COM there should be green signal in my there is 0:[C0M3] it can be  different because it shows according to which port  your device is connected then in LOG you can see ADDED which means your device is added.

If it did not appear then Odin is unable to recognize your device.

At First we will see at phone then on PC.

      AT PHONE:   

1. First of all go to Settings.Then Look for developer options.If it is not there go to about phone.

About phone

2.Then Open about phone and choose Software Information.

software information

3.You see Build Number Tap it 7 times.

4.After that go back to settings you will see developer options.Open up.

5.Then Do OEM unlock. 

After that oem unlock

6.And enable USB debugging mode.

then enable usb debugging mode

You are almost all done in your phone.

Now Come at  PC:

Seccondly come at PC.If you have already done it and still  Odin does not detect your device then you have not properly installed Samsung USB drivers in your PC.Download it from:

Now If you have done all of this and finally run Odin as administrator then it will surely detect your phone.

Finally you are done. If you have any problems feel free to comment we will help you out.Check our other articles:

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