We invite you to put aside the gadgets and gather together for a fine old-fashioned board game while we stay at home mostly during pandemic. You’ll love the break regardless of which game you prefer to play. We’ve compiled of our all-time favorite board games, spanning every common genre. You’ll find the perfect board games for kids and families, as well as adult board games appropriate for the family’s older members, as you scroll through this page.
⦁ Scrabble:
Scrabble word finder is an immensely popular word game. It’s like a giant jumble of words with infinite possibilities. To start, people should be given a set number of made of wood letter tiles, each with a different point value. You’ll immediately begin examining your letter tiles and see what word combinations you can come up with to play the most point-rich words. The game stops after one player has used all of his or her tiles, and scores are counted, but the true winner is those who have the most points.
⦁ Chess:
When a game has lasted as long as Chess has (nearly 1,500 years! ), you know it’s worthwhile to play. You and your competitor both have 16 items to move around a 64-square game board in this classic two-player game, with the ultimate objective being to checkmate your opponent’s king piece. Pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, a queen, and a king are the game pieces, and each has its own set of rules for movement. We believe that having a cheat sheet on hand is beneficial.
⦁ Dominoes:
Dominoes is a perfect game for all ages, so grab Grandmother and a set of dominoes and get started! Although dominoes can be used to play a number of games, one of our favourites is Mexican Rail. The larger double number tile is located in the “station” in the centre of the table in this game. From here, almost every player is in control of his or her own domino “train,” in which the end of each domino must suit the end of the one before it.
⦁ Chutes and Ladders:
The game board for Chutes and Ladders has 100 squares and shows a sequence of ladders and slides. Each rung of the ladder represents a positive deed and the reward that comes with it, while each fall represents the negative effects of bad conduct. Any player begins in the first square, and a spinner determines how far they can progress from there. If you’re smart, you’ll arrive at the bottom of a good-deed staircase, which you can ascend to gain access to additional spaces.
⦁ Stratego:
Stratego is a Napoleonic-style capture-the-flag game. Players place all 40 of their game pieces in whatever order they decide in this two-person game of military manoeuvres. There are 12 different types of pieces, each with its own function that must be taken into account during configuration. When all of the pieces are in place, the game begins as you find your way into enemy territories in search of your opponent’s flag. There are explosives planted to get you off balance, as well as agents conducting enemy reconnaissance.
Relatives or friends sitting around a circle rolling dice, playing cards, or pushing pieces around a board to see who wins is a perfect way to pass the time and share valuable time together.

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