Optimize Your YouTube Titles & Description for More Traffic

We all know that with the high demand for videos, YouTube has become an essential platform for businesses’ growth through video marketing. Creating high-quality videos is not enough. You also need to promote the videos among relevant people. Read on to know about a few optimization techniques to increase the clicks on your YouTube videos naturally.

Use Keywords in Video File Name

After you upload the video, YouTube does not watch your videos to know what it is about. If YouTube starts watching, they can’t have enough staff because thousands of videos are being uploaded every second. If you are a beginner, you can hire a YouTube video marketing agency to help you perfectly optimize your YouTube Video.

You can start optimizing your video even before you upload it on YouTube. You can mention the keyword or title that describes your video or what the users will watch. YouTube will analyze your video file name after uploading and will get some idea about it from the beginning.

Use Keywords in Video Title Naturally

After your video is uploaded, the following video optimization strategy is to write a relevant video title. Video titles should tell the viewer what they are going to watch before clicking on the thumbnail. Please don’t write any irrelevant title because they are likely to close the video as soon as they get to know it. This will also decrease your video’s average view duration, and it isn’t perfect for video visibility. It will be better if the video title also consists of the keywords that people are searching for. Also, try to keep your video title within 60 characters, as it will be cut off if it’s too long.

Video Description Optimization

When you write a description of your YouTube video, try to make it as long as possible. A detailed description can help you significantly. Remember that viewers might not read a long description thoroughly. That’s why you need to add essential points at the beginning of the description. Keep the critical information within 100 characters of the first 2 or 3 lines. Only the first 100 characters will be shown to viewers without clicking on them. If you are not sure what to write, you can hire SEO Services in India to help you write the description.

Tag Relevant Keywords

It would help if you also tagged the keywords in the tag section, which you can see while uploading the video. Try to research what the people are searching for; it should be completely relevant to what you are posting in your video. Try to search for keywords that you want to rank for and analyze the videos already ranking. This is the best way to get a good idea before beginning video optimization. While writing the keywords in the tag section, finish it with a comma “,” and it will be considered one keyword. Similarly, you can write all the keywords that you want to insert in it.

Video Category

Every time you upload a video, YouTube will prompt you for the category of the video. You have to choose the perfect category under which your video falls. You will get this category option for every video that you upload. It helps YouTube identify your video category and show that video to the same category’s audience. YouTube already has information about each viewer and their interest. So, when you mention the category, the video gains exposure among the interested audiences.

Thumbnail Optimization

Having the perfect thumbnail can make or break your efforts. Thumbnails can increase or decrease your views. If you don’t have an attractive thumbnail, then users will not click on it. Viewers will be browsing or scrolling through many videos on YouTube, and if your thumbnail is not catchy enough, it will not be getting any clicks or views.

Try to create a good thumbnail by selecting a perfect image from the video that instantly describes what your video is about. Secondly, you can also add the title in the thumbnail. Thirdly, you can use your face on the thumbnail. Having a face can also help you in creating a personal brand for yourself. Thumbnail is like a poster cover of the video.

Create Subtitle

Having a subtitle for your videos can go a long way. If your video is in Hindi or English, subtitles can help the viewers who don’t know the language to watch your videos. It can also be watched by people who can’t hear or whose device volume is not working. In this way, you break all the language barriers that can stop other language people from watching your videos.

Add Cards and End Screen

Another option you will get while uploading the video on YouTube is to add cards and an end screen.

Cards are like small notifications, shown in the top right corner of the video with the “i” symbol. One can use this feature to promote their other videos or messages like to Subscribe and Like.

End Screen:
In this section, you can enter YouTube Playlist, Videos, and Subscribe option when the video is about to end. In this way, viewers can click on other videos of your channel easily. It helps in gaining the momentum of the views for your other videos.

Now that you have a good knowledge of all the YouTube video optimization strategies start applying them and increase traffic to your videos.


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