Oxyhelp is a renowned European company that is playing a major role in manufacturing different hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Their manufacturing ensures a high-quality product with minimum maintenance cost. Their products deliver promising results and therefore are well known in the market. Their chambers carry hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the most efficient way providing the users with a convenient and safe environment.

Oxyhelp manufactures both soft and hard shell chambers, however, the monoplace hardshell oxygen chamber has a very high demand in the market. The industry has manufactured a modified version of the monoplace chamber called OXYLIFE I – Premium Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber.

This article gives a brief about the OXYLIFE I – Premium Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber along with all the features and specifications of the device.




Oxylife I – Premium monoplace oxygen chamber is a capsule-shaped hyperbaric oxygen chamber to perform hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is a nicely designed non-medical device for single use at one time. It is cylindrical with a spacious inner diameter to fit a single person easily. There is a resin fiber mattress present inside on which the user slides into the chamber. There is an air-tight door installed at one end to create a pressurized environment inside the chamber.

This device, like other monoplace oxygen chambers, can hold only one person at a time. The working of this chamber is the same but in a more modified manner. It oxygenates the body perfectly and efficiently making the body cells heal properly and in less time. Oxylife I – Premium is the best purchase to carry out hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the most efficient way.


OxyLife I is a hardshell monoplace oxygen chamber which has a very hard and strong other body. It is not made of any plastic material, rather it is made of fine aluminium. More than half the components are made in Europe while some components are  made in Japan, Germany, USA and Spain. This hardshell monoplace oxygen chamber shows better performance than any softshell chamber.

The other parts of the chamber’s structure include a large acrylic window for better monitoring of the user. There is a pressure-sealed door present at one end of the chamber. It has bearings for sliding movement to prevent any pressure load or stress. The inner lining of the chamber is made of antibacterial leather surrounding a resin fiber mattress present in the center.


Oxylife I – Premium monoplace oxygen chamber has oxygen and pressure adjusting settings available in the manuals. There are times when high pressure but with gradual increase is required for healing, this device makes sure to perform this function most safely. The oxygen concentration has to be dropped to avoid oxygen toxicity in the body. Also, the device is set to a specific time according to the session limit recommended by health professionals. All these values and concentration adjustments can be made with the help of Oxylife I.

The device provides a range of these values for easy usage. They are given as follows:


Pressure 2 – 3 ATA
Oxygen concentration 85-100%
Session timing 180 min (max)


OxyLife I – Premium monoplace oxygen chamber has an automated controlled system installed in it to avoid any kind of risk factors. The system is programmed to maintain inner pressure according to a certain limit. The pumping system and air-pressure levels are kept in balance through a microprocessor system. The whole control unit has auto-pressure maintenance that shuts off automatically in case of any malfunction in the compressor.

Pressure malfunctions can lead to many ear disorders. There are air cavities present inside each ear that helps in the process of hearing. In case of over-pressurization or depressurisation, these cavities can collapse and cause permanent hearing loss. Therefore, this safe and auto-shutting control unit has an overpressure relief valve to avoid such health hazards.


Oxyhelp has added manual settings along with automated ones in the control system. Many categories are selected according to the values recommended by health professionals. The categories include compression or decompression speed, chamber temperature, pressure levels, oxygen concentration and session timings.

The Oxylife I – Premium monoplace chamber has a touch display available on both sides of the chamber. Their version labels it as mirrored commands which means the same settings and display on a screen for both the user and the health professional. Also, there is a Wi-Fi option available to ease connectivity. These features have created a friendly user interface which makes it a safer hyperbaric chamber for home use. The user can change or shut down the system from the inside in case of any emergency or health issue.




Oxyhelp has made the Oxylife I – premium monoplace chamber a distinct one by adding a lot of special features. All these features make it the most convenient and efficient device in the market. These features are given as follows:

  • BIBS Mask

The oxygen is delivered to the patient via a BIBS mask for better oxygen delivery into the body. The oxygen enters the body via the lungs and then into the blood plasma. The mask enables complete tissue oxygenation to heal the body from within.

  • Air Filters

There are two layers of air filters present inside the chamber to maintain a filtered air environment inside the chamber making the delivery of pure oxygen possible.

  • Oxygen cylinders

This device has cancelled the need for separate oxygen cylinders required to deliver oxygen. There is already an attached oxygen concentrator which provides a high concentration of oxygen into the chamber.

  • Noise-free therapy

The structure of the device cancels outer noise from entering the chamber however, the mic and audio facility are available for the interaction between the user and the health professional. The whole therapy is carried out in a calm and noise-free environment giving the user a relaxing therapy experience.

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