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History of the Pappy Van Poodle

Pappy Van Poodle is the onlt and the first character from the free to play 3DS mini games called Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball released in 2012. This game was unknow to all the people until 2018, when they had no idea of the character’s existence. When the YouTuber Nick Robinson uploaded the video about the Pappy Van Poodle, it was sky rocketed and with in the months he went from 0 to 15100 Google results, and even he was featured in a video with over 3 million views till october 2019.

One of the interesting think about this Pappy Van Poodle  is that  Rusty details the existence of a nintendo character than was unknow to most of the palyer .This game was free to play game but we can only get his app if we pay the shop owner without bargaining any thing.

Pappy Van Poodle is like mentor of the Rusty and he has helped him all the item during the rough times. This character only appears in the specific circumstances.

This game is very unique game because you can bargain the price with the Rusty( the shop owner).  Most of the players have paid 4$ less then they have been told for the first time but you will only get this character if you have the full amount. The benefits of the Pappy Van Poodle will appear towards the end of the game and give the Rusty the item that you were supposed to give him.

Personality of the Pappy Van Poodle

As we have alreadt mentioned that this Pappy Van Poodle is the first and only character in the Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. Pappy Van Poodle is mentioned few times by Rusty throughout the gae, but it doesnot appears except the specific circumstances. Even Pappy Van Poodle served as a mentor ot Rusty.

Discovery of the Pappy Van Poodle

Pappy Van Poodle was known by many little people due to very unusual method to get the character which many people dont know how to get that character. As this character appears in the specific circumstances and as the mentor of Rusty it provides the item when needed. He was first referenced on the Japanese article in 2013 just  6 days after Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was released in Japan.

Then he was mentioned in some places but many people dont have any idea about them until the YouTuber Nick Robinson created the video explaining how he got the Pappy Von Poodle by accident.

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