PDFBear: 4 Most Common PDF File Conversions

The world was in awe when Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock invented the portable document format or popularly known as the PDF. Although some were skeptical, the world has witnessed the PDF’s beauty and has experienced the convenience it can offer. This innovation has made quite an impact in the world of computer programs. 


However, for it to be more convenient in sharing and printing, some factors had to be sacrificed. Editing your PDFs is merely possible if you do no acquire the appropriate tools. Thanks to PDFBear, you can now quickly edit your PDFs to the most common file formats for better editing, such as JPG, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 

Convert PDF to JPG

Fortunately, the PDF converter tool of PDFBear is for free! You can use it anytime and anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. One of the most common file conversion of PDF is the JPG. The process is fast and simple! You must follow these steps to convert PDF to JPG

  • Select the PDF file you want to convert to the JPG format by dragging it to the PDFBear converter tool. 
  • PDFBear will automatically convert your PDF to a high-quality image. 
  • After a few moments, download your converted file, and you’re done!


While PDFs are the near perfection file formats, it also has its limitations. JPGs are designed to maintain high-quality graphics and images without occupying much disk space. Photo editors might find it troublesome to edit PDFs, but it is more convenient for them to modify the JPG format. 

Convert PDF to Word

PDFBear’s conversion tool is tested and proven to be safe and efficient. It saves your time as it can do the converting within just a short period. PDFs are naturally less editable, but there are cases wherein you have to make document modifications depending on the situation. Word is the primary program for editing texts, spacing, indentions, content, and many more. 


The steps in converting PDF to Word is similar to that of the JPG conversion. After you edit your file’s content, you can also convert it back to the PDF format by doing the same process. PDFBear can convert your PDFs to other file formats and vice versa. That’s how flexible PDFBear is! 

Convert PDF to Excel

Although it is easier to view and print your spreadsheets in the PDF format, converting them to the Excel form is the best way to make data alterations. Excels are designed to be the most efficient program in making financial records, statistical data, chart data, budget plans, file storage, business data verification, and many more. 

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are widely used in schools, companies, businesses, and even for personal purposes. You can usually encounter these presentations in business reviews, data analysis, feasibility studies, project proposals, etc. Presentations vary depending on what the situation demands, and they are pretty flexible in making attractive slides. 


Transmission of data is easier in the PDF format, but again editing is the dilemma. Converting your PDFs to the PowerPoint format is a viable solution to make adjustments to your presentations. PDFBear can efficiently convert all of your files with swiftness and ease without compromising their quality. 


Through online apps, such as PDF Bear, our new digital technology era lets us handle our data by transforming them into PDF. By converting it to PDF, you can now protect the quality and content of your files. Gone are the days you wherein have to print hundreds of papers to get the perfect picture quality or graphic design. Everything is now online.

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