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Personalize your wig your way with these 3 Luvmehair options


Everyone wants their hair to look amazing and attractive. Ladies always look for hairstyles that allow them to personalize their wigs according to their style. Personalizing your wigs seems like a time taking the task, but here we have 3 amazing options to help you personalize your wig.

1.      Human hair bob wigs

The human hair bob wigs come with the bob cut, so the hair is short, and the overall looks of these wigs are very classy. When it comes to personalization, the human hair bob wigs make a great pick because these wigs come in a lot of different options. With varying specifications, you can always select a wig that meets all your requirements perfectly.

3 reasons to buy human hair bob wigs

If you are confused about whether you should have human hair bob wigs or not, here, we have a few reasons why it will be a great option.

·         Perfectly matches every dress code.

One of the many reasons to get the human hair bob wigs is that you get to match these wigs with every dress code easily. Whether going to your office or having a party/gathering where you need to follow a dress code, these wigs will never violate the dress code. So, there will always be a higher convenience you will enjoy while going with these.

·         No issues with any type of weather

While some wigs are good for the summer season, some make a good choice for winter. Unlike many other wigs, the human hair bob wigs are usable for all seasons. While you use these during different seasons, there will be no compromises on your comfort level.

The wigs will stay perfect on cold and hot days; the shorter length and lightweight form will bring amazing benefits.

·         A great option for beginners to start their experience with wigs.

If you are a beginner with wigs and want something that meets all your requirements, then you must try the human hair bob wigs. The experience with these wigs is pretty easy as you do not have to work with them. Additionally, you can learn how to manage your wigs with the DIY experience. Not only will these be easier to style, but they will also give you a more natural look as a beginner.

2.      613 wigs

One of the most elegant types of wigs that you can try is the 613 wigs. Most wigs are known for their hair cut, structure, or lace quality. However, the 613 wigs are named after the blonde hair color as these are made after bleaching and dyeing natural human hair into blonde color.

3 reasons to buy 613 wigs

613 wigs are a great option if you plan to create a chic and elegant look. Here are some of the reasons why you should have it.

·         You can customize the 613 wigs like no other wig.

The level of customization with these wigs is unlike any other wig. You can easily customize everything about these wigs, from color to cut and length. While you can do it all by yourself, getting professional services is also an option that you can opt for.

·         No need to damage your natural hair with repetitive bleaching and dyeing

The making process of 613 wigs includes bleaching and dyeing of natural human hair. You may think of using your natural hair to achieve this, but that will never be worth it. You may damage your hair, and the worst part is that if you do not like the color, you will have no choice but to keep it. The 613 wigs, on the other hand, can be easily removed.

·         Natural human hair 613 wigs bring the best reliability with natural looks

The 613 wigs are not all about colors and customizations. These wigs offer a great experience when it comes to natural looks. These wigs come with natural hairline and partition sections that blend in easily. So, putting on a natural look is very easy, making you rely on 613 wigs.

3.      Curly wigs

Curly hair will be among the top options if we categorize hair according to its attractiveness. So, if you also want to try this unique and attractive hair type, you can try Curly wigs. These wigs come with many variations so that personalization will be easier. You only need to search according to your requirements, and finding the perfect wig for yourself will be easier than ever.

3 reasons to buy curly wigs

Curly wigs are always in style and look amazing. If you are doubtful whether you should get curly wigs or not, here are a few reasons why it will be a great investment.

·         Great in terms of reliability and durability

The curly wigs are made with natural human hair that is long-lasting compared to artificial hair. In addition to that, the curls in your curly wigs made with human hair come as natural characteristics, so those curls will not fade away soon. Due to all of these reasons, you can rely on curly wigs for their durability and longevity.

·         No need to go through the pain of getting curls

If you are planning to get curls in your natural hair, you will need to put a lot of time and effort into that. On top of that, the process of getting curls can damage your hair because of the products and equipment. The positive aspect of curly wigs here is that you do not need to go through any of that pain when getting curls with curly wigs.

·         No commitments necessary to get instant curls

Lastly, getting curls in your natural hair needs commitment. These do not go away easily, and permanent curls also cost a lot. Managing them is hard in itself. On the contrary, curly wigs can provide instant addition and removal of curls, providing a much better experience.


Make sure to select the wig styles that you are most comfortable with. You can have all three of them in your collection, allowing you to experiment with your style and create the stunning looks you desire. Keep your wigs in great condition and enjoy styling them in a new way that will increase your confidence.

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