Planning for Your Certbolt SAT: Useful Books and Practice Test Sources to Ensure a Better Exam Result

Before entering college, many senior high school students take the SAT exam to use the gained scores for the application process. Moreover, you may even obtain a merit-based scholarship if your results will be good enough!

But nothing valuable comes easy, and before enjoying the benefits Certbolt SAT can bring, you need to go through the assessment process. And the good news is that adequate preparation and awareness of what you are likely to face and are required to do will make this path much easier.

Core Information You Have to Know Ahead of Time

Unlike ACT, the other admission test, the Certbolt SAT exam does not include science in its coverage and only assesses your skills in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. All these modules should be completed in 3 hours. The essay portion is optional and choosing it, you’ll be given 50 more minutes.

If you have decided to take Certbolt SAT Test already, you should prepare for it thoroughly as this can be an important determining factor aside from the high school GPA in comparing all college applicants. So, let’s see what you need to do to get ready.

Quick Guide for Your SAT Preparation

  • Look for reliable exam resources

From books to online exam prep courses and practice tests, the information you need for the Certbolt SAT assessment is just a click away from you. All you have to do is to obtain reliable and updated materials. Some of the most renowned ones include:

  • The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide, 2020
  • Kallis’ Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy Book
  • Mike and Patrick Barrett’s SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd ed.
  • Official SAT Practice Tests

You may also try to tap your instructors or some of your friends who have taken the exam already for some tips or advice that can help you.

  • Set a study time

After school hours, devote some time to studying for your Certbolt SAT test. Set a goal for each learning session and keep yourself on track. Understand what each exam section will be composed of and how you will be tested. For your information, the Reading Section includes several passages relating to different text types including classic literature, science, US founding document, etc. Math, on the other hand, is composed of Arithmetic, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Data Analysis. During the Writing section, you’ll need to read a text attentively and correct all the mistakes in it.

  • Assess yourself

Challenge yourself to do better each time. This goes the same with your preparation. Do lots of practice tests to see how you’re developing your skills. Get used to reading passages especially those with archaic sentence structure and vocabulary and answer questions to check your reading comprehension. As for math, train to solve word problems as well aside from the arithmetic because the wording of the exam questions may also be structured differently. Read it closely and make sure not to be fooled by some trick questions. For more visit


The actual Certbolt SAT requires your utmost concentration. That is why you should already condition yourself in a real exam setting even during your study sessions. Keep distractions away from you. Time yourself while answering practice tests to handle time pressure and develop the endurance you need for such a lengthy exam.

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