Play sports betting with six correct concepts

Online sports betting can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you might start losing a lot of money rather quickly. The key thing to remember is that sports betting isn’t always about the odds, you should also choose a reputable online casino to place your bets, many online casinos only require bettors to become a member to start betting. For example, enter pnxbet sign up, fill in your details and become a member to enjoy the best sports betting experience. When you become a member, you also need to have some professional knowledge, so in this post, we will explain how to make sports betting work for you. We show you the basic bets and how these can be combined into more profitable strategies.

With reference to foreign experience, the three gameplays of the first stage are the Major League Baseball, NBA professional basketball, and European football events. The initial planning of six gameplays is awaiting approval by the competent authority, including host and guest, Handicap, size of goal points, correct score of two sides, win-point difference and champion.


1. Football game between host team and guest team

The most basic and common type of football betting. Just predict the home team win, draw or away team win in a game. This gameplay is simple and easy to master.

How to play: In the designated game, choose the home team or the away team to win or draw the game. The result of the game shall be the result of the game at the end of the legal time (soccer does not include play-offs) and refer to soccer odds set by us.

2. Handicap is applicable to sports like baseball, basketball, soccer

In this game, the stronger team will give their opponent a handicap of 0.5 or an integer multiple. After the handicap, the odds of winning/losing are relatively close, and the odds of relative “strong team” will be higher than no-handicap game.

How to play: Select the home team or away team to win. The result of the game is subject to official adjustment. The winner is determined by the issuing agency. After betting starts, the club will adjust it’s own forecasting accordingly as needed; and odds will change from time to time.

3. Narrows down the size of the applicable sports: baseball, basketball, football

Based on the offensive and defensive abilities of the two teams, and the total score will be big or small than the preset total score. The default total score will be 0.5 or multiples of an integer, which provides players with another option for guessing when it is difficult to judge the outcome of a certain game.

How to play: You can bet on the total score, points or over/under for the designated game. The result of the game is based on the total score of the two teams at the end of the legal time (baseball and basketball include playoffs, and football does not include playoffs). The default total score will be adjusted as needed, and odds will change from time to time. To play a wider variety of bets, check out our pnxbet! Try out our Philippine sports betting options, great customer service , easy deposits and withdrawals, reliable payouts for winning bets.

4. The correct score applicable sports: football

This is a simple and easy-to-understand game. The odds of “correct ratio” are much higher than other games, so you don’t have to be afraid to try! Adjust the number of live points and choose your favorite team. Then click on the start button and see if you could predict the final score.

How to play: Having trouble thinking of your next football bet? We’ve got you covered. Simply choose a bet on the official odds of a designated game. Divide into home team to win – 1:0;2:0;2:1;3:0;3:1;3:2;4:0;4 : 1;4:2;5:0;5:1;5 : 2 or other ratio for home team to win. Or else choose a bet on away team to win 0:1;0:2;1:2;0:3 ; 1:3 ; 2:3 ; 0 : 4 ; 1 : 4 ; 2 : 4 or other odds won by away team, 31 options in total. And if you’re feeling lucky, choose that extra special draw 0 : 0 ; 1 : 1 ; 2 : 2 ; 3 : 3 or other odds of draw!

5. Winning point difference Applicable sports: baseball, basketball

The home team’s victory is more likely than the away team’s victory. The odds are higher than other ways of playing, and it is suitable for players who like high odds and are small and big.

How to play: In baseball games, the home team or the away team wins by 1 or more points, and so on, up to a total of 14 options that win by 7 points or more; There are 12 options from 11 to 15, etc. up to a gap of more than 26 points, and the distance is calculated. The match ends at the statutory time, the scores of different football, basketball and baseball, the home team and the away team are subject to the final score of the game.

6. A high-performance basketball ball for players who pursue high levels of performance. Sport for champions: It is suitable for all kinds of sports competitions, especially the prediction of the championship team in professional ball games, which has become the biggest challenge for players.

This game helps you to predict the schedule of international events, championships, various cup games or the annual season and series of professional leagues. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, and it is suitable for the general public as an entry-level game to participate in sports lottery betting.

How to play: The team that accumulates enough wins or points to surpass other teams in the fastest time will be the winning team. Odds are set by the issuer and may change from time to time after the bet has been placed.

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