PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo Switch vs PC: Which One Would Win the War of Cleanliness?

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Indulging in an agreement regarding which console holds the best functionality or which console is best to play this game with, is something everyone has been engaged in at least once in their lifetime. 

But how many of you players have ever been engaged in a conversation regarding the cleanliness of the console you own? As unimportant as the fact seems, it is one of the most significant matters that every player needs to be concerned with because cleanliness is not something that should be taken lightly. 

To showcase how dirty your console can get, a study has found a shocking result that will prompt you to take your duster and disinfectant solution to start cleaning. 

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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo Switch vs PC:

To showcase how much bacteria could be found in the different parts of each console, the experimenters took samples from twelve different variables as a part of their case study so that a descriptive, comparative and accurate result can be produced. 

The variables were taken randomly as this unsystematic selection of consoles, computers and toilet seats along with the kitchen tables have resulted in an outcome that will shock you to the core. 

Starting from mould to yeast, from bacteria to fungi, the underlying layers of these microorganisms have been growing on the body of your consoles for years. But how bacteria could be found? Let’s find out. 

  • PlayStation 

Even though the console is considered to be one of the best-selling equipment in the realm of gaming, the top-selling console has shown the least hospitable situation when it comes to cleanliness. 

Compared to other varieties of consoles, except the inclusion of the PC, the PlayStation wins the championship with a build-up of bacteria that hasn’t been recorded anywhere. The overall number of colony-forming bacteria units each swab has been recorded at 72.5

The number is generally higher than what you notice on the results found by analysing the sample taken from the toilet. However, this is not the worst part of it at all because the bacterial growth is mostly recorded in the buttons and the joystick of the console where the colony-forming bacteria units per swab were recorded with a higher number of 190. 

It is comparatively higher than noticed in any other platforms. In the worst case, the sample set reached the colony-forming bacteria units per swab at 650 units. It is more than double the amount you would get from the sample taken from the kitchen surface. 

  • Xbox

Xbox is one of the cleaner platforms that has been tested. Compared to the results obtained from other devices, the Xbox recorded 62.5 colony-forming bacteria units for each swab. 

Though the median of the forming is comparatively double than what you get on a toilet seat, it is practically the cleaner option. Not only that, even the cleaners of the console recorded the lowest formation of the bacteria with only 15 colony-forming bacteria units per swab. 

However, it cannot be said for the case of the controller handles as compared to other handles of the devices, it is the highest with 82.5 medians of bacteria forming. 

Some of the dirtiest samples were collected from the Xbox gaming console as colony-forming bacteria units per swab for the buttons of the controller was recorded at 5,614. 

  • PC

Though many consider being an outsider when it comes to playing games because it neither helps in retaining the same sense of excitement and thrill but leaves much to the imagination for the incitement. 

Nonetheless, many indulge in playing the game with the PC using emulators. So leaving the PC out of the picture would have been unforgiving. When it comes. to bacteria, the PC recorded the worst numbers by a significant margin. 

The keyboard which is commonly used for the games has showcased the forming of the bacteria that scored a whopping 165 colony-forming bacteria units per swab, it is the mouse that surpassed this limit. ]

A median mouse swab has recorded a 247.5 colony-forming bacteria unit which is close to the colony-forming reading of the kitchen swab. 

Not only that but the “on” button of the PC is comparatively worse than the numbers recorded by the tested samples as it has showcased 115 colony-forming bacteria units for each swab. 

  • Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is by far the cleanest among the gaming consoles with a record of 55 colony-forming bacteria units for each swab taken. 

Though the number is insignificantly more than what you would get from the swab taken from the toilet seat, the distinction of 25 median does not make much of a difference here as it was the lowest among all. 

Even the controller of the gaming device registered the same numbers throughout the testing with a marginal recording at 62.5. 

So, who won the war of cleanest console? The answer is none. When it comes to hygiene, all of the gaming consoles are more or less inflicted and equally harmful.

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