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Pokemon GO Spoofing update | fake gps joystick for Pokémon go

Pokemon GO Spoofing update | fake gps joystick for Pokémon go 


Pokémon GO is augmented reality (AR) based game for iPhone and android mobiles. This game use mobile GPS to locate, capture, train and virtual creatures called Pokémon. Pokémon GO use real-time location with GPS so, players living in rural areas are in loss as compared to players living in main cities. Players in rural areas gets fewer Pokémon, Gyms and pokestops which means these players get fewer rewards and it will hard to find rare Pokémon. Many players using fake gps joystick for pokemon go to change their current location to desired location this help players to catch rare and special Pokémons. Now you are thinking; isn’t there any penalty for doing this? Pokémon Go is very strict on spoofing you may even ban on your account, but if you take some precautions you will play Pokémon Go for long time without any trouble. For avoiding ban you must use app which is secure, easy to use and safely change your location, here is the recommended app Dr.Fone-Virtual Location.

Changing Location in Pokémon:

Many players using different apps to change location. VPN also use to change location, it works fine but Pokémon Go can find you are spoofing and you get ban your account. VPN change your ip address but your GPS location doesn’t change. Pokémon GO may determine your location by checking your ip address or also they will check your GPS location as well. VPN just change location through ip address it is not safe to use.

There is number of GPS spoofing apps for IOS and android which provide fake gps joystick for pockemon go. Juts using spoofing app is not enough game can easily detect your spoofing and ban your account. GPS spoofing app just spoof your gps location don’t spoof ip address, here Pokémon GO can catch you.

Dr.Fone –virtual location:

This app provide you gps joystick for pockemon go which will give you full access to use a joystick in any location of your choice. This app doesn’t change your device location only Pokémon GO location changes. This is the best part of this app. This technique prevent you from banning. This program is very simple and easy to use.

On iPhone store there is no spoofer app, those which you are found on app store are not real stuff and those apps are not trust worthy. In market only two methods available for iPhone users to fake GPS location 1) use computer program. 2) Use a VPN application. VPN I already described that it cannot useable with GPS it only works with ip address. Using VPN is risky it may cause ban your account.

Pokémon go | Pokemon Go Joystick

This application offers different modes of changing location.

  • Teleport your location anywhere.
  • Simulate movement between two spots.
  • Simulate movement along a specified route.
  • Use gps joystice for pockemon go for flexible GPS control.

This app change you location in three simple steps. After downloading the program in your computer

  • Launch the program on your computer

    Pokemon GO Spoofing

  • Connect your IPhone to computerPokemon GO Spoofing
  • Choose your GPS location by using joystickPokemon GO Spoofing

You can use joystick in two ways, GPS Automatic and Manual movement.

Method No 1: GPS automatic movement: click the middle button on joystick to start the automatic movement. Now change the direction using these controls.

  • Clicking the left right keys on the joystick.
  • Dragging the point on the circle.
  • Pressing the A and D buttons on the keyboard.
  • Pressing the right & eft arrow button of the keyboard.

Method No 2: Manual GPS movement: to move forward keep clicking the up arrow key in the program on joystick and keep pressing the W or UP key on the keyboard. For reverse keep clicking the joustick down arrow or pressing the S or down arrow on the keyboard.

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