Most Popular Players in the Luxury Self-Driving Cars Industry

Self-Driving CarsSelf-Driving Cars
Self-Driving Cars
Self-Driving Cars

Most Popular Players in the Luxury Self-Driving Cars Industry – Those cars that are adept at gauging the happenings of the environment and then navigating accordingly without any human input are known as the self-driving cars or the robotic cars or the autonomous cars. Here in this article, we’ll discuss with you some of the top players of the autonomous vehicle industry.

CMU Navlab 

One of the most popular producers of self-driving cars is the CMU Navlab Group. The company is known to produce computer-controlled vehicles. They have been around for more than two decades, and in this span, they have launched an array of self-driving buses, SUVs, vans, and of course the cars. The latest and the most upgraded model from them is the Navlab 11, which is a robot jeep that comes powered with a bunch of sensors. Anusha recollects her experience of watching the videos of CMU Navlab on YouTube, and she says that though she might not be able to afford this autonomous vehicle from the money she accumulates by offering do my math homework services to the students, but it is her dream to sit in this luxury autonomous vehicle for once in her lifetime.


Toyota has long been trying to venture into the field of self-driving cars. It’s research phase started back in the 1990s, and since then, the company has certainly come a long way. The company uses the Mobility Teammate Concept, as its approach to self-driving cars. One of the autonomous vehicles from this excessively popular brand is the Lexus Gs. It comes with high-end equipment that assures easy automated driving on the highways. What’s exceptionally likable about the car is that it employs the on-board tech to take the vital on-road decision, analyse the traffic conditions, and take requisite action while driving on the highway.

Google Cars

Another popular name in the autonomous vehicle industry is Google Cars. The company comes with cars, which are facilitated to identify all the objects in the vicinity and even those, which are more than a few km away in all four directions. The car’s sensors would identify objects, such as vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, rogue birds, and the shopping bags lying on the road. Its high-end software is capable of processing all the requisite information to ensure that the car is navigated safely, even on the busiest roads. George, a University student who recently reached out to TAE for availing accounting homework help by TAE, says that given that how horrible he is as a driver, if he could, he would certainly want to buy Google’s autonomous car because of the peace of mind it offers with its umpteen driver-assistive features.

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Nissan, too, has been a pivotal player in the autonomous vehicle market. The company has worked incredibly hard over the years to bring this fantastic innovation to the people. It even collaborated with the team from a few of the top universities around the world, such as Standard University, MIT University, University of Tokyo, and Carnegie Mellon. Over years of strenuous hard work, the top vehicle manufacturing brand, Nissan, launched its famous Nissan Leaf. For those interested in the autonomous inventions from the brand, this is the vehicle you should watch out for. It is equipped with a multitude of driver and passenger safety features and backed with advanced Autonomous Drive Technology to make the driving experience more relaxed and easy.


Well, how can any list of the most popular players in the autonomous vehicle industry, ever be completed, without the inclusion of Tesla? The company recently launched its Model S car, which comes equipped with hardware that facilitates easy self-driving. Some of the tech-features, which make this a sweet deal include a camera that captures the forward objects, forward radar, electric-assist digitally-controlled braking system with high precision, and 12 ultrasonic sensors, which are long-range and sense every object in the 16 feet area around the car in all directions and at all possible speeds. Eric, who is an executive working with a top-rated essay writing company, EduWorldUSA, says that he believes that nobody can ever beat Tesla in terms of innovation in cars.


Over the years, Audi has worked immensely hard to materialize its vision of robot cars. For this, they have been diligently performing tests for more than 15 years at different locations, even the tough race tracks. In the autonomous cars by Audi, you can find a multitude of active-lane assist, adaptive cruise control, along with a multitude of other features. Rob, an executive who liked business analytics online courses at TrumpLearning, says that his friend Derrick took him at the launch of Audi’s autonomous car launch event, and that left him stumped.

So, these are the top players in the autonomous vehicle market. If you are interested in self-driving cars, these are the brands you can trust. Others like Renault, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Continental Automotive, General Motors, Bosch, PSA Peugeot Citroen, have also launched their autonomous cars, you can check them out too if you like.





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