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How to Get PS4 Web Browser [ Complete Guide ]

How to Get the Internet Browser on the PS4 Console

The PlayStation 4 is still a great console in 2021. While the next-generation PS5 has recently been released, the PS4 still has a lot of life in it.

Besides the extensive catalog of games available, the PS4 can also serve as a video streaming console or a web browsing device on your TV. With these features, the PS4 can essentially turn any TV into a Smart TV.

If you’ve never used your PS4’s web browser or didn’t even know that it had one, this guide will get you started. Soon you’ll be browsing the internet from the comfort of your couch, using your PS4.

Open the Door to the Web on PS4 – PS4 Web Browser

When most people think of gaming consoles, they naturally think of playing games. But today’s modern consoles are capable of much more than gaming. Even previous generation consoles such as the WiiU, PS3, and Xbox 360, had other multimedia capabilities.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 builds upon the previous consoles with a more robust set of features. Among the upgrades is an updated web browser, allowing you to comfortably surf the internet on the big screen without needing another device.

While it may seem odd to browse the web with your gaming console at first, there are some advantages. For example, the PS4 browser allows you to look up information without grabbing your phone or tablet, or turning on your computer. You can also download other media such as pictures directly to the console instead of using another device as an intermediary.

Using Your PS4 Web Browser to Browse the Internet

Using your PlayStation 4 to browse the web is a simple process. The good news is that there is no separate software to download; the web browser is already included in the operating system.

To begin, turn on your PS4 and wait for the system menu to load. If you’ve been playing many games, you likely will not see the internet browser on your home screen by default. To start the browser, follow these steps:

  • Scroll through your activity list, all the way to the right until you highlight Library, and press X.
  • In the Library, you will see a list of software categories on the left. Scroll down the categories list until you highlight Applications, then press X.
  • Scroll through the grid of available applications until you highlight Internet Browser, and press X.Then press X again to start the software.

Essential Functions of the PS4 Web Browser

The PlayStation 4 web browser is surprisingly feature-rich when compared to other consoles. Features such as multiple windows, bookmarks, and view zooming are all available.

You can switch between different windows using L2 and R2.If you want to close a particular window, press O. If you’re finding the text hard to read, you can zoom in using R3, or enter fullscreen mode by pressing ☐.

Options, Security, and Safety Considerations

Browsing the web from a console is generally considered safer than a PC, simply because there is less sensitive data stored on a console. After all, people generally don’t access online banking from their gaming devices.

Even so, modern consoles do still store some passwords and possibly payment information, and so you should take some necessary safety precautions. In the PS4 browser, press the Options button to access the browser settings screen. From here, you can do things like clear your browsing history and toggle Javascript on and off.

Javascript is one of the most common avenues of attack to casual web browsers. While it is needed for some websites to function, disabling Javascript is a great way to harden browser security.

If you’d like to know how to disable Javascript for other browsers and platforms, visit for easy step-by-step instructions.

PS4 on the ‘Net? No Sweat!

By following these easy steps, you should be browsing the web on your PS4 safely, simply, and securely. Now your console is more than just a great gaming machine, but a full media powerhouse. Happy browsing!