Puff sleeves outfits

Puff sleeves outfits

The trend, which was successful in the 1980s, has made a comeback in recent seasons; see how to use dramatic detail

The dramatic style, one of the universal styles, is known for representing authentic, bold and theatrical women. Some of its characteristics are volumes, exaggerations, contrasts and disproportions. For this reason, puffy sleeves are one of the symbols of this style.

The structured and voluminous fabric in the sleeves can be found in tops, short-sleeved blouses, long-sleeved shirts and dresses, combined with square and rounded necklines or turtlenecks.

If you love the trend but still don’t know how to incorporate it into your favorite looks, check out some outfit suggestions and start planning your next clothes with puffy sleeves! For those in love with striking fashion and clothes full of personality, we guarantee that the shopping will be worth it.

Lace puff sleeve crop top + denim large shorts

Need a casual, comfortable and fresh outfit for a pleasant afternoon? This top and shorts combination is amazing. The puff sleeves, flashy and stylish, are balanced with lace and baggy shorts. The ideal fabric for shorts is linen, super light and comfy for hot days. You can finish the outfit with flat sandals, which will make you look cool and fresh.

Oversized puff sleeve blouse + tight midi skirt

A fitted blouse with full-size puffy sleeves contrasts the delicacy of the close-fitting model with the voluminous sleeves drama. The skirt, also tight, completes the look with sensuality and mystery — thanks to its length. On the feet, a white pair of sneakers is great to bring a fun and casual atmosphere.

One-shoulder puff sleeve blouse + wide-leg jeans

One-shoulder blouses only divide opinions but carry a lot of style and personality. The puffy sleeve is on the single shoulder of the garment, bringing contrast between the sides of the body. Wide-leg jeans complement the look with a touch of modernity. Still, how about a high heel sandal to finish off the look? You will not go unnoticed.

Black puff sleeve + tailoring pants

An incredible look for more formal situations, such as business lunches and dinners, working days at the office and other events that demand more elegance and sophistication. However, the puff sleeves prevent the outfit from becoming boring or flat, bringing a modern and full of personality atmosphere.

It is one of the best look options for those who are starting to wear puffy sleeves: the tailored pants balance the look and the black color of the blouse also helps to soften the strength of the puffy sleeves. On the feet, moccasins, classic flats, high heels or boots are great options; choose the one that matches you and your style.

Puff sleeve short dress 

The woman who doesn’t have a short dress in her closet can throw the first stone! Classic and super versatile, the model is great for hot days, but it can also be adapted for cold days with the help of a structured jacket and good pantyhose. Short dresses with puff sleeves are super stylish, bringing the dramatic trend to a versatile garment knock off louis vuitton handbags.

The shoes will give the outfit the desired atmosphere. Looking for something more romantic? Flats and sandals are perfect. Want to turn it casual and urban? A pair of white or colorful sneakers is the ideal choice.

Puff sleeve long dress

The long dress is an amazing garment to have in the closet, especially for its practicality. Just put it on, choose the accessories and shoes, and you’re done! The model with puff sleeves helps make the garment more modern and stylish. How about betting on vibrant colors such as pink, orange, green and blue? It’s a charm for sure!

Finally, you can finish the look with sneakers, flats or flat sandals for something comfy. Want to dress to impress? Choose a nice pair of high heels and enjoy your outfit!

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