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Quick review of UltraViewer – a free remote desktop software for Windows

This time when the pandemic is somehow controlled and not too terrible like the previous period, I can start traveling somewhere to refresh myself and find new opportunities. However, my work isn’t affected because I have great tools to help me deal with every task from my managers, my clients, or anybody else. Want to know it? Let me share with you guys!

Working in the financial services industry which needs to be secure, I have to store some documents on the company server. This is of course a hindrance when I work outside of the company, but since being introduced and known about UltraViewer, everything has become a lot simpler. This is software that helps you control another computer at a distance, still usable as if you were sitting in front of the screen and transferring files quickly thanks to its high configuration and good data readability.

UltraViewer also has versions for different Windows operating systems, including Windows 11 to bring convenience to users in all areas and different cases. I use Windows 10 as my laptop and my company’s desktop comes from a Windows product, that’s all ok.

Now I want to share some features of UltraViewer that I found when using it:

  1. High security

UltraViewer software has very high security through the design and operation with absolute encryption mode from the programmer. Best of all, this mode also makes it easier than ever to share audio or video signals.

At the same time, UltraViewer will provide users with various support features for data security through a login form based on the computer’s ID with each connection. And this feature completely helps the software to ensure the limited interaction of computers with each other without being harmed by other strange signals.

2     Fast connection speed

This software is not limited to the number of different IP addresses making connections at the same time. Therefore, users can use the software in many different situations and you can invite your friends and colleagues to interact with your screen remotely through conferences, lectures, or enjoy your cheerful time on the beach like me… It’s “remote”, so the speed is important.

3     Quick chat support

In the process of manipulating the software, you can chat with another side of the screen through the quick chat window. If you have any problems to discuss, you can enter text at the chat log for the most accurate support, so that users can interact with each other more easily in conferences, meetings, … with colleagues, friends.

Above all, this feature is extremely convenient for taking care of customers and answering questions if you work in the Customer service field or you are an IT technician.

4    No high configuration is required, easy access

UltraViewer does not require too much about the configuration and hardware standards of the computer. Users can completely access it easily if your machine has Windows operating system, it can be used without any other problems.

5    User-friendly interface

Moreover, UltraViewer – remote desktop software also has an intuitive, simple, friendly interface and is suitable for many users. You can open the software to launch and activate the remote control on any other device that is immediately available for use.

And most of all, IT’S FREE!

If the intended use is higher and the features are more complex, they have a pricing plan for you. But with a simple user like me, a free plan is enough. If we compare with TeamViewer, TeamViewer’s only free for basic features limits the number of uses, and to use it smoothly, you have to cost quite a bit more than UltraViewer. So UltraViewer is a perfect candidate if you are looking for a TeamViewer alternative software.

So that is some advice from me for a new good way to handle your tasks. 

Good work ahead!

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