How to Rank Higher in Google with Social Profiles

How to Rank Higher in Google

Improved ranking in Google has long been associated with better business returns. But, do you know that you can use your social media profiles to boost your online rankings? The truth is that while it is significant to make use of SEO practices to improve your rankings, it can only get you so far because of the enhanced levels of market competition. Therefore, you must consider using social media to generate a better online ranking.

Let’s have a closer look at social media and how it can help you with your Google ranking.

Impact of social media on SEO

It is important to note that social media profiles do not contribute directly in any way to your SEO ranking. However, the links that you share across social platforms can increase your brand exposure. These links can influence SEO in several indispensable ways. Firstly, social media profiles ensure extensive content distribution for your business which means that more and more people are reading or exploring your content at any given moment. Secondly, the posts you make have a longer lifespan which means that people view them for extended periods. The organic traffic you generate in this way is substantially high, and it can boost your online visibility tremendously.

Social media profiles can also increase your brand recognition so that more people get to know about your company. When more people learn about your business, they will naturally search for your company on Google and get you all the attention you are looking for. You can then benefit from an enhanced brand reputation that will work for you in significant ways. Finally, social media profiles can also help you to rank highly in local SEO. If you are a local business, you need to make sure that people in a local community get in touch with you every time they need the products and services that you have to offer. It is something that you can have when you invest in local SEO.

If you were to search through any personal profiles online, you would often find that they have a collection of websites, articles and social media profiles as well. This is something Moez Kassam has spent time on, while also helping to improve his reach and exposure as well.

The sharing of your posts and content across social media profiles has no direct impact on the SEO rankings. However, when people start sharing your content on social media, Google starts noticing that your content is valuable to your target audience. It is going to boost your online ranking significantly. Google and other popular search engines always keep track of the likes, shares, and comments that your posted content receives, and they use such information to decide on the ranking of your website.

How social media is so important for SEO

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Social media has the potential to influence numerous factors that affect your search rankings. Hence, you must use social media for driving high-quality online traffic to your blogging site. As you keep creating and publishing posts and content of value to your target readers, they turn to ardent advocates for everything you have to offer. It is because you are providing them with something that is of value to them. It will naturally encourage them to share your content so that their followers and friends go through such content.

Once done, their followers do the same, and in this way, you will have a large number of people reading through your content. Hence, content writing and content creation are considered the best ways to generate traffic for your site. Whether you create content in the form of text, image, video, or any other format, it should be able to engage your target audience powerfully. Some forms of content often shared across social media platforms are blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts. Such materials can provide your audience with valuable information to come back again in the future for more new content. In this way, you can generate more leads for your business. It is called content marketing, which is a means to share valuable content that brings value to the reader.

To make sure that your content makes a powerful impact, you must distribute them effectively. It is where the social media profiles come in. Social media profiles work as powerful ways to share your content so that people have access to it. It can help you to boost your traffic margins, increase visibility and also generate backlinks. Such social signals are noted by Google, and it comes to know that the content in your website is great. Therefore, your search rankings get automatically improved.

Tips on improving online ranking with social media 

When you are trying to improve the ranking of your online website through social media sharing, there are a few steps that you can take. Hence make sure that you consider using these methods.

  • Come up with original and useful content that you can share through your social media profiles. Your content should bring some value to your audience, answer some of their queries or resolve a problem.
  • As you post the content, it can get you the traction you need and enhance the reach of your content. You can then focus on generating backlinks for your website.
  • The enhanced number of online shares and backlinks can get you more traffic to your website.
  • As you keep on posting new and high-quality content, it automatically helps in the development of your brand community.
  • You also get to benefit from a brand reputation.
  • With more links generated from your social shares, it can become easy for Google to index your blogs and other content.
  • Such indexation can result in higher margins of search traffic and better online rankings.

Effective use of social media will help you get noticed in the online world. Hence, it can pave the way for better business growth. So, click here if you are curious about how you can use social media to boost your online ranking.

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